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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.13- Medallion

Cassie is torn between Jake and Adam, Diana and Ethan throw a party, Faye introduces Melissa to a friend, and an old acquaintance shows up in town and brings out the worst in people...

Well, Cassie just keeps getting scarier and scarier.  She knows how to use the Balcoin medallion to attack and has also used it to confirm that John Blackwell is alive.  I also don't quite know whether to agree with Adam or Jake.  Jake wants Cassie to do whatever is necessary to protect herself and the Circle, whereas Adam wants her to shy away from dark magic and Jake to protect herself.  Cassie, on the other hand, is determined to find a middle path but the path seems awfully precarious.  She slips so easily into using dark magic, it is very scary.  Granted, each time she has used it, it has been in defense of herself and/or the Circle, but still.  Not a good thing.  The look on the psychic's face when Cassie said that she remembered how to use the medallion was a look of sheer and utter terror.  She knew what Cassie could do with the medallion and was scared beyond all reason.  Dear, crossing Dawn is one thing, she is a disempowered witch.  Crossing Cassie, the product of incredibly powerful white and dark magic bloodlines is another.  You screwed up and paid the ultimate price at the hands of the witch hunter who led the attack on the boat 16 years ago.

It is official, Jake has killed witches before.  Although he didn't say it, the look on his face when Cassie asked him the question was enough.  We know that he did it because he was tricked into thinking that all witches were evil, but still, that is not likely to engender trust on Cassie's part.  And hooking up with Faye?  Also not a good idea if you want to stay in Cassie's good graces.

I can definitely say that I am annoyed at Adam for taking the medallion, even if I do understand the reasons.  He wanted to protect Cassie, but he really needs to trust her while protecting her.  She is independent enough to strike out on her own if need be.  The best way to protect her is to let her do her thing and be there to keep it under control if necessary.

How sweet was it that Diana and Ethan threw Adam a party?  Just loved that.  She is still so hung up on him, but is gamely hanging in there and just letting things develop as they will.  That is a true friend.  And Ethan has recovered from his extended drunkenness enough to start to be a dad again.  Those toasts to Adam were just awesome, particularly Diana's which served to remind us just how much those two have been through together.

I want to smack Faye for introducing Melissa to the dealer.  I know she is trying to rebuild that friendship, but that was not good.  That dealer is enough like Nick to instantly spark interest on Melissa's part.  Also the drug is helping to dull the pain.  This is a bad path.

Was anyone besides me surprised that Charles saved Dawn's life?  I can honestly say I wasn't sure if he would.  The two of them have been on the outs for a little while now, but he is a good enough man to really care about her.  Again, I don't think this is a good thing.  Dawn can use those feeling to manipulate him if she is subtle about it.

And John Blackwell is still alive and out there.  I wonder, are we going to meet him right before a break, or is he going to remain in the background for a long time?  I suspect he'll show up around the spring break or the season finale, but I could be wrong.

Next week, Valentine's day....