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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.14- Valentine

Faye throws a girls only sleepover, Isaac pays Jake a visit, Cassie unwittingly calls on some nasty spirits connected to her father with Adam caught in the crossfire, and Lee gives Faye a gift that is not what it appears to be....

Cassie gets herself into more trouble on accident that most people can on purpose.  Turns out that John Blackwell's medallion absorbed the power from a coven of witches that he destroyed.  When Cassie activated the medallion last week, she alerted the spirits of every witch whose power was in the medallion, starting with the coven, who were destroyed in a church not far from Chance Harbor.  And they want their power back, so they lured her to the church and then possessed Adam; who had come with Jake to save her.  Cassie agreed to hand over the medallion, only to crush it to pieces in her hand.  This turns out to annoy Isaac, who wanted the medallion for unspecified purposes, no end and he leaves town letting Jake know that he can no longer protect Jake or Cassie.
I have to say that I was somewhat surprised that Jake listened to Isaac. Although, admittedly, he didn't do so until he found out about what Cassie was seeing and connected the dots.  Still, I cannot help but suspect that there was more to what Isaac wanted than he said.  Jake needs to be wary.  It also had to hurt that Cassie (seemingly) chose Adam over him after he said that he chose her.

The sleepover was interesting.  Watching the good girl high is always funny, and Diana was no exception to the rule.  She willingly did magic, made out with Lee (thinking he was the hot pizza guy), and then made out with the hot pizza guy (who looked sort of like Zac Efron).  Watching the looks that Cassie and Faye threw at her and Melissa was hilarious.  Faye actually seemed to be enjoying it and Cassie was totally puzzled.  That girl does need to lighten up a bit.  Granted, she has a lot going on, but still....

And speaking of Lee, he gave Faye a present that would supposedly increase her power.  Only, as it turns out, it would do something to heal a girl (presumably his girlfriend or ex).  I am guessing it steals power or siphons it off or something like that.

I did also enjoy watching Faye and Diana faceoff over Melissa.  Diana apparently was Melissa's BFF before she starting getting serious with Adam and Faye stepped into the void.  Now, Diana is back and determined not to leave and Faye is willing to ensure that she doesn't leave.

Next week the CW in my area is showing the episode on Saturday.  I will try to get my review out Saturday or Sunday.

Until then!