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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.15- Return

John Blackwell returns, Cassie is in trouble (again!), Melissa finds out some disturbing news, and Jake receives a semi-backhanded compliment....

Cassie is in trouble, again!  Anyone surprised?  No, didn't think so.  This time, she is kidnapped by the witch hunters in order to get rid of her.  But, let's back up some....

John Blackwell has returned!  Very cool.  He is not outwardly evil or even intimidating.  But man, he must have done some messed up things in the past because Ethan was scared $h!tless when he saw him.  John claims to have lost his powers but I am not entirely sure that I believe him.  I have to say that I almost wonder whether or not he is working with the witch hunters to get rid of competition.  That would explain where the liquid used to compel Cassie came from.  That would also explain why they let him go and exchanged Cassie for Jake.  Am I sure of this?  By no means.  I am guessing about this.  The other possibility is that the liquid was created by Jake when he was working with the witch-hunters and kept around until now.

Watching people react to Blackwell was interesting.  Cassie was very hesitant about trusting him and Adam was open about his distrust.  Ethan was scared silly and Jake seemed to pretty much take it in stride once he recovered from the initial shock.  The rest of the Circle hasn't really reacted yet, or if they did it was off screen.  They were definitely more worried about Cassie.

I thought it was pretty funny that Blackwell approved of Jake's plan to trade him for Cassie.  If he really is trying to protect Cassie, then Jake's plan was a good one.  Unfortunately, the witch hunters disrupted that when they dosed Cassie and traded her for Jake instead.

Also, what happened to Eben?  He was clearly speared on the tree, but got off and went away.  The witch they are working with maybe?  Or, it is possible that he died in the fire and was somehow reanimated and that is what happened tonight.

I am glad that Melissa twigged into the whole voodoo doll thing.  Also glad that she didn't fall back into taking drugs or anything.  I am annoyed that Faye let her go.  But it worked out well, so I can't be too mad.  And did Lee and Faye kissing wake up Lee's sweetheart?

Next new ep is on March 15th.  Until then!