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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.14- Dangerous Liasons

The truth behind Esther's survival and her plans are revealed, Elena unintentionally hurts Damon badly, Caroline has news for Klaus, and Matt runs afoul of Kol and Rebekah.  All of this at a party thrown by the Mikaelson family....

Esther, not quite as understanding as she seems.  Turns out that when Klaus ripped her heart out 1000 years ago, she was kept from moving on as punishment for creating vampires.  However, Ayana; an ancestor of Bonnie's; cast a spell that trapped her body in the coffin.  Only someone from that line of witches could release her.  And now that she is out, she is determined to destroy her children because they should not exist.  So, using Elena's blood (because she's the Petrovka doppleganger), she has cast a spell that has linked all of her children.  So now, if one is destroyed, they all will be.  The really interesting thing is that Finn knows about it and seems to have no problem with it.  Not entirely sure why, but he allowed her to use his blood to complete the spell.

Elena screwed Damon over big time.  Turns out Esther would only meet with her if she was alone, so she got Stefan to break Damon's neck, thereby rendering him unconscious while she went to go meet with Esther.  When he came to, he was pissed.  And when he told her that he loved her, she told him that that was a problem.  Ow!  So, Damon is apparently dealing with this in oldDamon fashion, he assaulted Kol; who was crushing Matt's hand at the time; and then decided to have a night of rough vampire sex with Rebekah.  This is so not a good thing.

Stefan is still being cold-blooded and practical.  Not always the best trait, but tonight it was a good thing.  It also turns out that he isn't allowing himself to feel anything because he is so ashamed by what he has done that if he feels, all he'll feel is pain.  He knows what Esther told Elena and seems to be onboard with the plan.

Watching Caroline and Klaus was interesting.  He is genuinely infatuated with her, but she isn't giving up any ground.  He bought her a really nice dress which she wore to the ball, but she is letting him know in no uncertain terms that she isn't interested in him unless he changes.  She said, quite probably correctly, that he doesn't feel that anyone can love him, so he creates hybrids in order to feel that love he wants.  I have to say that I am intrigued by them as a couple.  She doesn't put up with his nonsense and that seems to make him like her even more.  That picture he drew for her in the end was quite nice.  When Tyler returns, this could get very interesting.

Elijah has all sorts of suspicions about Esther, but he can't get his suspicions substantiated.  He tried to get Elena to tell him Esther's plans, but she lied to him and told him that Esther had genuinely forgiven Klaus.  As Esther said, he is the most moral of the Originals, and I would hate to see him destroyed.  I do think that if he was away from his family, he would be a decent guy.

So, will Esther's plan succeed?  Somehow, I doubt it.  I suspect that someone will figure out what is going on and Klaus and/or Elijah will somehow foil her plans.  But then anyone who aided her better be careful, because I suspect their wrath will be truly terrible to behold....