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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.15- All My Children

Elena finds that no one agree with her about what to do with the Originals and then finds herself at the mercy of Rebekah, the Originals find out Esther's plan and have their own way of solving it, Damon takes a necessary step to save Elena, and Alaric finds out some disturbing news about Meredith....

Turns out Elena wants to thwart Esther's plan so that Elijah, the most moral of the Originals, can be saved and no one agrees with her.  Damon and Stefan both see Esther's plan as necessary to save Elena and other people and Bonnie and Abby are both enlisted by Esther so that she can access the power of the Bennett line in order to complete the spell. So Elena is alone when Elijah comes calling to take her out on a trip down memory lane and to confront her because he knows she was lying when she said that Esther wanted to bring her family back together, so Elena confesses what Esther's true plan was and Elijah takes the step of holding her hostage to force Damon and Stefan to deal with the issue.  Only problem?  The hostage guard is Rebekah who is out for revenge because of what Elena did to her.  Not a good situation.

So now we are in a sticky moral mess where what is necessary is not good.  Elena wants to save Elijah, but to do so means saving Klaus and the rest of the Originals as well.  And Elijah wants to save his family and in doing so manipulates almost everyone around him, including Rebekah, something he clearly regrets doing.  Such are the choices our group has to make.

The last moral choice deals with Stefan and Damon.  They realize that the easiest route to cut off Esther's access to the Bennett powers is to kill either Bonnie or her mother.  But doing so will cause Elena alot of pain and will alienate her.  So their first choice is to slip the dagger into Kol in the hopes that daggering him will disable the rest of the siblings.  What they didn't count on was that Klaus wouldn't be disabled.  I am guessing that it is highly probable that Esther's spell may not have worked on Klaus either, but given the power that would have been behind it, I may be wrong.  When Klaus removed the dagger, they were forced to their second option and here Damon showed his true feelings.  He loves Elena, but realizes that she doesn't love him, so he turns Abby because one cannot be both a witch and a vampire.  In doing so, he cuts off Esther's access to the Bennett power.  He does this knowing that Elena may never forgive him and knowing that Elena would probably turn to Stefan for comfort.  That is love.  And it sucks.

After the dust settles, Elena goes to Bonnie and Caroline; who distracted Klaus during the daggering; refuses to let her in to see Bonnie saying that while they are glad Elena is safe, Bonnie always seems to suffer while Elena is ok.  While this may be partially true, it is also a little unfair.  Elena lost her aunt and was forced to send her brother away in order to protect him.  Elena is also a good enough person and has enough compassion to suffer along with Bonnie.  Also, the Originals seem to have all left except for Rebekah and Klaus who discovered that the white birch tree that can kill them is still out there and decide to find it and destroy it.

Apparently, Meredith is either the killer or is mixed up in it somehow given the files and information that Alaric discovered in her apartment.  Oh, that and the fact that she apparently shot him.  That sucks...

No new episode for a month.  Until then!