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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.09- Every Breath is a Bomb

Haley strikes a deal with Dan to find Nathan, Julian and Brooke go to drastic lengths to protect their family, Chase faces the results of attacking Chuck's father, Clay faces the reality of what happened after Sarah died, and Skillz helps Mouth start to get back into shape....

Wow, Haley is really determined to get Nathan back.  She is so determined that she is willing to set Dan loose to get the answers that the cops won't get for her.  I truly understand what she is doing, I just hope she doesn't regret it.  This is the age old question about whether the ends justify the means.  She wants to find Nathan so bad that she will turn a blind eye to, in fact she will encourage, Dan's breaking of the law and his violence.  Is it the right thing to do?  I have my doubts solely on a moral level.  The entire gang has turned their backs on Dan because of his violent tendencies, but now Haley is encouraging him to do what he needs to do.  Hypocritical?  Yes, but as I said understandable.  I do admire that Dan has Haley leave before he does anything drastic to spare her as much as he can.  Dan has transformed from a monster to a (dare I say?) decent guy who has been rejected so much that he will grab at any bits of affection or acceptance he can get.  Also, based on his jailyard conversation last week, he is convinced he is going to hell, so what difference does it make?

Brooke and Julian are playing with fire where Xavier is concerned.  Granted, he is purposely trying to get into their heads and get them to flip out and the bitch-owner of the other cafe is helping out where she can, but still, if they are not careful this is going to get even uglier than it already is.  And about him in their house holding one of their babies at the end?  That was truly freaky.  The really unfortunate part of this is that unless he actively breaks a law, nothing can happen to him.  <shudder>

I have to admit that at first I was very upset with Chuck for lying about Chase and his dad.  I do understand his reasons.  I mean, his mom was there saying that nothing had happened and Chuck has probably grown up with the idea that nothing should be said, but still.  I love that Chris came and very non-judgementally talked with him.  That was cool.  I also appreciated that Chuck did the right thing and spoke up in Chase's defense and that Chase made sure he knew that even though Chase was discharged from the Air Force, what Chuck did still made a difference.  That was really important and really cool.

Watching Clay trying to connect with Logan as a father was painful.  Clay was so awkward that I could barely watch it.  He knows that he abandoned Logan and he knows the reasons, but now he wants to reconnect.  The worst part was when Logan rejected him.  I am really hoping that Logan will come around eventually, but I think it will be a rocky road ahead.  

Watching Skillz and Mouth was just really nice.  I am not entirely sure how Mouth got so out of shape, but I am glad to see he is back on the road to taking care of himself again.  It was also nice to see him working on a sports blog and visit Jimmy's grave.  Here's to the journey.

Next week, Dan, Julian, and Chris go to get Nathan....