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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.10- Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Dan, Julian, and Chris go to rescue Nathan; Brooke has a confrontation with Xavier; and Clay and Quinn confront the past...

Oh my gosh, Dan might actually die.  Up to now, Dan has seemed unkillable, but now I am not sure if he is going to make it.  If he doesn't, he can go out knowing that he has redeemed himself completely and his story has come full circle.  From the first season, Dan has been the ass that everyone hated, the guy who ruined everyone he touched.  He abandoned Lucas and Karen (although she refused to take him back), was a horrible husband to Deb, nearly ruined Nathan until Haley helped him become a better man, came close to utterly destroying Nathan and Haley's marriage on several occasions, killed Keith, and nearly killed himself.  Over the past few years, he has made attempts to get back in Nathan's good graces only to be rebuffed over and over again because of his past.  Finally, he was left all alone and destroyed his own diner in a desperate attempt to reconnect with Nathan and his family.  Now, he has proven that he is in fact worthy of being redeemed.  By taking that bullet for Nathan, he showed that he did in fact place a higher value on Nathan's life than on his own.  It sucks that it took this event to prove his love for Nathan, but there you have it.  I am desperately praying that Mark doesn't pull out some twist like Dan planning the kidnapping.  If he does, I will be incredibly upset because it will have ruined this wonderful redemption arc that Dan has been on.

I loved watching Dan work with Julian and Chris to get ready for the assault to rescue Nathan.  When Dan talked about himself in the third person, I almost died laughing.  Groaned too, but still, it was quite funny.  I also appreciated that he did what he could to keep Julian out of the line of fire so that Julian could take care of his family.  Because say what you will about Dan, but in some twisted way, he has always cared for his family.  Well, Nathan anyways and maybe Lucas.  Nathan making that awesome shot was impressive.  When Julian clocked the police officer that was cool.  And Chris ramming the guard was just giggleworthy.  I so hope we don't miss the phone call where Haley finds out that Nathan has been rescued.

Brooke finally seems to have put Xavier down for good.  He vandalized the cafe and terrorized Brooke in the parking garage.  I was glad to see her really stand up to him and fight back.  Of course, now she has a lot more to fight back for than she did when he attacked her last time.  And the fact that the bitch owner of the other diner rescued her was nice.  It was quite amusing that they still didn't get along.  Here's hoping that she does sell the other diner.  That would be awesome.

Clay went to visit Sara tonight with Quinn.  It was something he needed to do since he discovered Logan and I am glad he did it.  Now, he can hopefully reconnect with Logan and Quinn can help him raise Logan.

Next week, Jamie is back and Dan is in the hospital.