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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Review of One Tree Hill 9.11- Danny Boy

Dan achieves redemption, Clay and his son are reunited, Brooke's dad comes to town, and there is a surprise guest....

Gonna start with Clay, then move to Brooke and end with Dan.  It just seems fitting.

Clay got to see Logan for the first time since telling Logan who he is.  Also, we got to meet Sara's parents.  I totally get their hesitancy to let Clay in and I am glad he got it too.  I am also seriously glad that he didn't give up and finally got to see Logan because they needed to talk.  Logan needed to know that Clay loved his mom and that Clay loved him too.  When Logan asked if Clay might wander off again and Clay said that he wouldn't because his wandering had been to find Logan, I teared up.  That was so perfect and so sweet.  Logan needed the affirmation and needed to be told that he is loved.  I was also glad to see that he was good to Quinn, because there was the risk that he would see Quinn as a replacement for Sara.

I could not help but feel sorry for Brooke.  Once again, she opened her heart to her dad and he played with it very callously.  He might not have meant to, but he did.  I wish he could see how amazing and how strong she is and that she is worth knowing and loving.  Sadly, I don't think it's going to happen.  Well, his loss.

And now for Dan.  He actually died.  After surviving a heart attack, being left in a fire, an attempted hanging, being hit by a car and kidnapped by a crazy nanny, and a 3rd world heart transplant, he died because he was shot while rescuing Nathan.  Damn, gonna miss him for the last two episodes.  At least he achieved redemption.  After everything he has done, he managed to make as much right as possible while not making excuses for the wrongs he committed.  I loved the scene with Dan and Nathan on the River Court.  Nathan's acknowledgment that no matter how screwed up Dan was, he knows that Dan just wanted what was best for Nathan was totally awesome.  And we finally got to hear about why Dan killed Keith, the one thing Nathan could not stop hating him for.  And to Dan's credit, he didn't shrink from that.  He acknowledged that Nathan had every right to hate him for that and that he should in fact continue to do so.  But Nathan gave Dan an incredible gift.  He told Dan that he loved him.  Dan needed to know that before he died and I am glad he got it.

I do wish that they would have had a line that Lucas was coming, but I get why he refused.  After everything Dan did, Lucas just could not forgive him.  I do hope Lucas doesn't regret that.  Watching Dan and Deb together was nice.  The two of them have formed a nice relationship where they can banter back and forth and Dan needed that.  Deb also needed to hear from Dan that what happened to Keith wasn't her fault.  Dan didn't try to kill Keith because of the fire (well, not totally), but rather because Dan felt that Keith got everything Dan ever wanted: Karen, respect, love, and approval.

It was also nice to see Haley have a nice moment with Dan.  Like Lucas and Nathan, she can never forgive Dan for killing Keith, but she can acknowledge all the good he has done since then.  Letting him hold Lydia and play with her was the best thing she could have done.

And Keith was back!  When they panned over to Keith after Dan died, my hand flew up to my mouth and tears started to flow.  Seeing Keith forgive Dan and tell Dan that he was Keith's +1 was totally awesome and really made it clear that Dan had in fact achieved total redemption.  I don't remember ever hearing that Craig was coming back and I have never been so glad to be unspoiled.  If I had heard that Craig was back, that moment would have lost most of its power.  That last image of the two of them walking off together was perfect.

Next week, Julian works on transforming An Unkindness of Ravens into a tv series....