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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.16- You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail

Bridget reacts to the revelation that Andrew is behind the Ponzi scheme, Siobhan takes steps to ensure Malcolm is not around to protect Bridget, Machado hears from Malcolm and relives his past, and Tyler goes to the SEC which provokes a response from Olivia....

Tyler is dead.  Literally.  Even though Siobhan asked him not to go to the SEC yet, he went and Olivia found out about it.  She and Andrew then recalled Tyler to New York when Olivia fired him and then killed him (or had him killed, that was a little ambiguous).  Lovely woman, I am sure you'll agree.  I am willing to bet that Olivia merely meant to take the flash drive but when Tyler returned unexpectedly she killed him.  That will definitely put a wrinkle in Siobhan's plans.

Speaking of Siobhan, she is hellbent on ruining Andrew and letting Bridget go down as well.  When she said that she didn't want Malcolm around to protect Bridget, I am not sure if she meant physical protection or some other sort of protection.  Either way, when she posed as Bridget and told Malcolm off, she achieved her wish.  The interesting thing is that Malcolm decided to talk with Machado to make Bridget feel safe enough to return to her old life, which I don't see happening.  I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, but Siobhan is a mistress of manipulation.  She knows which strings to yank to achieve her ends.  Unfortunately, Tyler slipped his leash to help her and now she's screwed on that end.

Bridget has been taking shock after shock and does not know how to react.  First, Andrew reveals that he planned the Ponzi scheme to save the company.  Then she overhears Andrew and Olivia talk about silencing Tyler.  Then she goes to visit Tyler after she sees Andrew seemingly go into the hotel and she finds him dead.  That poor woman is so shell shocked right now that I am surprised she is capable of doing anything.  You have to admire her guts to keep pushing forward in spite of everything that has happened.

I wonder what Andrew was talking about when he mentioned the "nuclear" option in relation to Siobhan.  Was he planning on getting rid of her?  I guess it's possible, but that does seem out of character.  Granted, he is a white collar criminal, but I don't see him killing Siobhan unless things were *ALOT* worse than we realized.

And we discover why Agent Machado is so hellbent on prosecuting the guy Bridget was going to testify against.  Turns out he was in love with the woman that was killed (who was also his CI) and she was pregnant with his baby.  This is extremely personal.

Next week, Malcolm disappears and Bridget is worried....