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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.17- What We Have is Worth the Pain

Siobhan reveals her reasons for acting to Henry, Bridget searches for Malcolm, Andrew and Olivia panic, Machado is drawn back in, and Juliet finds out what Catherine has done....

Siobhan was exposition central tonight.  She laid out everything for Henry.  Assuming she told him the truth (always a doubtful thing), she spooked Bridget into running to New York so that she could fake her death, have Bridget take her place, and then kill Bridget and frame Andrew thus killing two birds with one stone.  She'd get her revenge on Bridget for her son's death and take down Andrew at the same time.  Unfortunately, things didn't work out and Siobhan's plan is now on a new iteration.  She still wants Bridget dead, she just needs to find a new way to do it and tonight she found that way.  Unfortunately, Andrew took the bullet meant for Bridget.  Ok, maybe not so unfortunately....

Bridget spent the whole time searching for Malcolm and avoiding Andrew.  She is scared of what he might do now that Tyler has been killed.  And when Siobhan visited Andrew masquerading as Bridget masquerading as Siobhan (yeah, that took a little puzzling out) it didn't help matters at all.  Bridget knows that Malcolm is missing and that Andrew visited him the night he disappeared.  Bridget also came *THIS* close to finding out about Catherine until the text from "Malcolm" arrived and she had to leave.

Andrew and Olivia are in full panic mode.  The flash drive was a fake, Tyler is dead, and the FBI is nosing around looking for Malcolm.  In addition, they don't know if "Siobhan" has the real flash drive or not.  Andrew desperately wants to believe that "Siobhan" is not behind this, but Olivia is not so sure, and with good reason.  Granted, "Siobhan" is not behind it, but Siobhan is.

Juliet now knows that Catherine sent someone after Tessa and I think she wants to say something.  Unfortunately, if she were to say something, she would be forced to reveal her complicity in the whole thing which would ruin her relationship with her dad.  I so hope she just bites the bullet and comes clean at some point.

And Machado is back in New York looking for Malcolm.  So, he ends up at Charles/Martin and talking with Andrew and Olivia about Malcolm.  I wonder how much longer it will be until he figures out who Bridget is.  At the end when he saw Bridget holding Andrew, there seemed to be something in his eyes, but I could be wrong.

Until next week!