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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.18- That Woman's Never Been a Victim Her Entire Life

Juliet and Bridget have a talk, Machado has a talk with Andrew and Bridget, Henry has a talk with his father-in-law, we find out what happened to Tyler, and Siobhan nearly has a talk with Andrew....

Siobhan had a bad day.  Henry was convinced that she had hired someone to kill Bridget and demanded that she get out of his house and his life.  So, she decided to reveal all to Andrew.  Henry stopped her and they made up only to have him drop the bomb that he was the one who killed Tyler (accidentally) and that he gave the flash drive to his father-in-law so that he could get out of Martin Charles.  Sorry girl, you just got screwed.  What are you going to do now?  Beg for the flash drive back?  Maybe Henry's father-in-law will send the flash drive to the SEC and bring down Martin Charles for you.

Bridget had a day that was a little better.  She knows for sure that Andrew loves her because he jumped in front of a bullet for her.  That is about it for the good news.  Malcolm is still missing, Juliet told her about the plan from her mom, and Machado thinks that Macawi was behind the disappearance of Malcolm and the shot at Bridget.  His reason?  Macawi doesn't know about Siobhan and thinks that "Siobhan" is Bridget!  Talk about irony!  Oh, and the other reason that Machado thinks that Macawi is behind the events?  One of his chief lieutenants was discovered dead and buried in a park with Malcolm's wallet and ID near by.  I wonder how much longer until Bridget reveals what Juliet and Catherine did.  I hope Andrew will forgive Juliet because she was ripe for manipulation when she made that deal with her mom.

At last we get to see Machado as a decent FBI agent.  He has been on the sidelines and unobservant for too long, it is nice to see that he is in fact competent.  He did a good job chasing the guy who shot Andrew, divided up the investigation well, is putting the dots together well.  The only thing he is still missing is that he has not yet realized (despite numerous small slips) that Bridget is masquerading as Siobhan.  Granted, no one else has figured it out either, but I would expect him to be a bit more observant.

I guess when you get down to it, that is my only beef with the show.  Why has no one figured out that Bridget is masquerading as "Siobhan"?  There has been a complete personality change and no one is suspicious?  I know, it is necessary for the show, but you'd think that at some point people would figure it out.  After all, it's not like we're dealing with someone who has emotional issues or is a teenage hormone bomb with the emotional fluctuations to match.  Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

Next week, Bridget and Siobhan (apparently) have a face-to-face meeting....

Until then!