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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.19- Let's Kill Bridget!

There is another attempt on Bridget's life, the person behind the attempted killings is revealed, Juliet 'fesses up to Andrew about Catherine and they get revenge, Machado is suspended, Henry gives Siobhan an ultimatum, and Henry is taken in for questioning....

I was definitely cheering when karma hit Catherine in a big way.  Turns out that Juliet confessed her misdeeds to Andrew and the two of them decided to get revenge on Catherine.  Juliet mentioned to Catherine that Andrew was selling their house in Palm Springs and that there was an interested buyer.  Catherine decided to buy the property on her own and resell it to make a tidy profit.  What she didn't know is that Andrew set the whole thing up to get his money back and then he proceeded to threaten to have Catherine stripped of her parental rights if she came near him or Juliet again.  Justice is served!  Oh, and it turns out that Catherine is the one who tried to have Bridget killed, thinking she was Siobhan.  I knew that woman was trouble, but I didn't think she would go that far.

Andrew spent most of the episode putting out fires related to Olivia's leaving.  I don't know if things were as bad off as he said or if that was all a part of the scheme to get Catherine.   I would suspect a bit of both, but obviously I can't be sure.  I loved the revenge, but I do worry that maybe he pushed Catherine too far.  After all, we know she tried to have "Siobhan" killed, so maybe completely cutting her off wasn't the best option.  Here's hoping she doesn't push back too hard, although I suspect that hope is in vain.

I must say that I was honestly wondering if Bridget was going to reveal her identity to Machado.  After all, she did say she wanted to testify against Bodaway.  But, in an interesting turn, she proposed that "Siobhan" pretend to be Bridget and be coached by Machado to testify against Bodaway.  Very interesting idea that Machado totally did not go for because (so far as he knew) it would be suborning perjury.  Amusingly, it would not have been perjury, but anyways.  I was also impressed at her quick thinking in using the fake blood to pretend that she was shot and killed.  That was good use of intellect under fire.  If on;y she hadn't blinked....

I've been complaining that Machado seemed to be an incredibly ineffective cop and it turns out that someone agrees with me.  He was suspended from his job.  Granted, the immediate cause was that he beat someone up on a public street, but the underlying issue seemed to be his ineffectiveness in the current investigation.  Turns out that Bodaway had let go of the lieutenant whose body was discovered last week shortly after Malcolm escaped.  Oh, by the way, the lieutenant was killed before Malcolm disappeared, so we have his murderer running around still (presumably anyway).

Henry told Siobhan that either she give up her revenge idea or they split up.  While she seems to have dropped the idea, she definitely still wants to kill Bridget given the fact that she was fantasizing about it.  And yes, that was what was in the previews.  Should have expected it, but missed that somehow.  I did figure it out right before they revealed it, but it shouldn't have taken that long.  Oh well.

Speaking of Henry, his father-in-law has promised to take care of the information on the flash drive.  And he turned Henry into the cops for the murder of Tyler Barrett.  Not sure how he connected those dots though.  Can't wait to see that reveal.

Next week, Bridget tells Machado about the attempts on her life and figures out that someone close to her wants her dead....