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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.16- Lucky

Cassie discovers one reason her father came back, a secret is revealed from the boat fire, Melissa offers sage advice, Phoebe and Eva come to (figurative) blows over Lee, Diana meets a guy, and Adam and Cassie fight about his dad....

Well, well, well, turns out that Ethan's drinking stems from the boat fire.  He gave the witch hunters the power to overpower John Blackwell and thus led directly to the fire that killed the Circle.  He wanted to be rid of John so that he could have Amelia all to himself.  Unfortunately, his plans went awry, most his Circle was killed, and the survivors had their powers stripped by the Elders.  Talk about unintended consequences!  And no wonder he drinks.  I am glad that he managed to snap himself out of it and worry now that he will start up again.  Also, when he attacked John, Cassie used her powers to attack him.  But I don't think he'll be saying anything or else John will reveal what Ethan did all those years ago.

When exactly did Melissa get so wise?  She was offering sage advice left and right tonight.  She encouraged Diana to chase Grant, kicked Phoebe's butt so she would go back to fight for Lee, and made sure Jake knew that Cassie was firmly with Adam.  It was nice to see, but I am unsure where this all came from.  Melissa is the one character I think is most underutilized on this show and that is a shame.  She really needs to be fleshed out more independent of anyone else, because so far she has always been defined by her relationships with other people: Nick's girl, Faye's friend, Diana's friend, etc.  Maybe this is a start for that which will be nice to see.

Speaking of Faye, she got a bit of a nasty surprise when she showed up to take Lee out only to run into Eva who still considers herself Lee's girlfriend because he neglected to mention Faye to her.  Not a good thing.  Even less good since it seems that bringing her back by magic has given her magical abilities that she used to kill Lee.  Ow....

As for Diana and Grant, this has potential, but I cannot help but suspect that he is more than what he appears to be.  We'll have to wait and see though.

Blackwell seems very concerned about Cassie.  We have seen what she can do when she is pissed and it is not pretty.  But, I think he is wrong.  He seems to want her to give up magic and I don't see that being a good thing because invariably, if you don't learn to harness a power, it will control you.  I agree that she shouldn't use the dark magic, but she does need to learn how to control it so that she doesn't lash out and kill anyone else.

Watching Adam and Cassie fight about his dad was not particularly fun to watch, but it was nice to see them make up again (in the casino).  It was very mature of them to accept each other's reservations and then to be able to set them aside.  The making up in the house was pretty hot as well.  But what was up with the birds flying around the house?

Until next week!