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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.17- Curse

Adam and Cassie face the fallout from a curse, Faye finds out what Eva did to Lee, Charles and Dawn team up again, and John Blackwell has something up his sleeve...

I have to say that seeing all of those dead birds around the house after Cassie and Adam slept together was weird.  I mean, I know sex sells, but I can't say I've heard of sex killing (ok, Angel is the exception).  That whole curse story was very believable and the curse on Jake was good reinforcement.  I hope Blackwell truly did not know that the potion would have no effect on Cassie.  The fact that he interfered as bad as he did was bad enough, but if he purposely hurt Cassie that badly, he would be beyond the pale.  What is it about the union of the Conants and Blakes that scares him so much?  He interfered with Amelia/Ethan and Cassie/Adam.  Is the joining of two powerful houses of white magic what scares him or is it something else?  The other interesting fact to come out is that Blackwell still has some magic (apparently sans crystal) but not as much as he once had, and not enough to protect Cassie from the witch hunters.  Now that Dawn knows about the witch hunters, will the adults and kids team up for protection?

When Eva was woken with Faye's powers, it apparently also made her mentally unbalanced, hence the actions of last week and then again this week when she tried to kill Faye.  I have to admire Faye for going after the truth about Lee.  She is also a good, quick thinker which was helpful.  It sucks for her that Lee is dead.  I wonder what she's going to do?

That scene where it was revealed to the Circle that Adam and Cassie slept together was actually funny and uncomfortable at the same time.  Faye's totally inappropriate humour was truly funny and snarky.  The look on Diana's face made it incredibly uncomfortable.  She was so hurt by what happened.  I hope she gets things sorted out with Cassie and Adam.

I am worried about Charles.  Why did he restore Cassie's grandmother's memories?  Isn't that dangerous to him and Dawn?  Is taking out John Blackwell worth the risks he is running?

Next week, a confrontation between the Circle and the witch hunters....