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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.18- Sacrifice

John Blackwell is hiding secrets, a witch hunter who knows Jake brings bad news to the Circle, Faye and Melissa get help from Adam to get a guy, and Grant is not what he appears to be....

Well, that was some interesting insight into Blackwell when he was younger.  Turns out that the demon that possessed Amelia's friend and killed Nick had been raised by Blackwell to be used to fight the witch hunters.  Not exactly the sort of thing that is going to endear Blackwell to the Circle.  He was powerful enough to raise a demon and have it possess someone, but either he couldn't control it, or Amelia wouldn't let him because she bound the demon.  Either way, now Eben has managed to raise demons and they are possessing him.  That man has gone off the deep end entirely.  Blackwell is scared of him!  Or, maybe not.  I want to posit a scenario.  We know that Eben is working with a witch.  We know that Blackwell is (or was) powerful enough to raise demons, is still powerful enough to kill one, and that he has no problems lying to protect Cassie.  We also know that Blackwell has now convinced the Circle to get all of the crystals and bring them together after they had been separated by the Elders.  What if Blackwell is the witch working with the witch hunters in order to force the Circle to bring together the crystals so that he can get his magic back and destroy the witch hunters?  Convoluted, granted.  Out there?  Also granted, but it is possible.  Only problem is that it is a fairly obvious idea, so it may be totally off.  But it is one theory.

Watching Faye and Melissa compete over the hockey goalie was quite amusing.  Even funnier was the fact that each of them got Adam to help them with magic in order to get him.  Nothing serious like a love spell, but just a little something to make them more desirable.  The look on each of their faces when the other used magic was the greatest.  Then, when Adam saw that he had a girlfriend and went off, I was a little floored.  I honestly wondered if maybe the potion was having unintended side effects or if it didn't work on him either.  Turns out that he had been trying to remember his feelings for Cassie, but couldn't and it was driving him a little crazy.  Anyone wanna bet that they'll figure out a way around the potion before the season is over?

And Grant wasn't all he was cracked up to be.  Turns out he is a worker on the boat who lied in order to impress Diana.  Well, he did impress her, just not in the way he wanted to.  She had been planning on totally rejecting him until he persuaded her to give him one day to prove that he is a good guy.  Good idea?  Probably not, but there it is.

Watching Cassie confront the possessed witch hunter was impressive.  Stopping him in his tracks was nice and the use of fire on him was quite cool.  Unfortunately, she didn't realize that fire wouldn't kill a demon.  But her dad did.  And was she annoyed that he lied about using magic!  And she'll be even more annoyed when she finds out that there is a body buried at the site of the raising.  Two questions:

[1] Whose body is it?
[2] Did Blackwell kill them?

Until April 19th!