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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 3.16- 1912

We discover who the killer of the founding families is, the resurrection rings have unexpected side effects, and we learn more about Damon and Stefan's life pre-Elena...

Well, Bonnie always said that magic has consequences and we were served with a major one tonight.  Turns out that after someone has been resurrected by the ring enough times, they start to change.  And the change is not a good change.  Turns out that Alaric has been the killer of the members of the Founders Council.  That is what is called a serious kick in the teeth.  Not only does this affect Alaric, but now Jeremy is in a certain amount of danger as well since he has been resurrected by the ring on at least a few occasions.  Apparently, Alaric has been killing people he saw as a threat to Dr. Fell.  In 1912, there was a similar rash of killings of members of the Council and the killer turned out to be a Gilbert.  Not sure what her motivation was or if she even had one.  All in all, not a good thing.

Watching Matt and Elena play junior sleuths was interesting.  These two don't hang out much anymore, so it was definitely nice to see them doing so.  Getting caught by Dr. Fell in the closet was predictable, albeit a little funny.  And that conversation about previous loves was a little awkward.  Maybe it was supposed to be more, but it didn't really feel that way to me.  One nice thing about having Matt around is that it gives Elena a chance to talk to someone who is totally normal.  He may not be totally unbiased, but he is a good sounding board to help her sort things out, such as her feelings about the Salvatores.  According to Elena, she fell in love with Stefan because he won't be dying and Damon just snuck up on her.  I am not entirely sure if this difference is crucial, but there it is.

While not a whole lot new was revealed about Damon and Stefan, we were introduced to a vampire named Sage who is at least 900 years old and; according to Rebekah; is obsessed with Finn.  She is also responsible for turning Damon from the reluctant vampire to the evil fiend we saw during Season 1.  There wasn't alot with her this episode, but she'll be back next episode, so I think this was just a setup for next week.  This episode also set in stone something that had been heavily implied before (I don't remember it being stated anyway!): Stefan cannot go to middle ground when it comes to drinking blood.  He either totally abstains or he becomes the Ripper.  Neither is particularly good.  It was interesting watching Damon promise to help Stefan find that middle ground so that he can feed on human blood without going off the deep end.  Here's hoping it works!

Until next week!