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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.17- Break On Through

Elena gets Alaric some help, Stefan works on his control, Damon has a reunion with Sage and discovers what Rebekah has been asking around about, and Caroline helps Bonnie and Abby out.

Well, we got to see Alaric's evil side and it was not pretty.  Turns out he wasn't just going after people who he saw as a threat to Meredith, but he was going after members of the Council who were not tough enough on vampires.  So why did he stab himself?  I am guessing it is either because of his friendship with Damon or the result of some sort of battle between his two selves.  In the past he has controlled his dark side by hunting vampires (after a violent start) but the rung brought it out even further so he could no longer control it.  Fortunately, Bonnie had a spell to help suppress dark desires and was able to help him.  He has to continue taking herbs twice a day.  Didn't say for how long, but I am guessing it will be for life.  So now, he is under "house arrest light" apparently with Damon acting as the jailer.

Speaking of Damon, he let himself get led around by his head.  And I ain't talking about the one with the pretty eyes.  Sage knew how to manipulate him and did so masterfully.  I wonder if she planned the whole thing with Rebekah or she went to Rebekah after finding out what Damon was planning.  Fortunately for our heroes, Damon somehow figured out what was going on and managed to save the sign for the Wickery Bridge that was made out of the white oak that will kill the Originals.  One question: I thought it was a white *ASH* tree that would kill the Originals?  Am I misremembering?  Oh, and one more thing.  I want to thank the writers for the extended scenes of Damon in a towel!  :-)

Stefan is apparently getting better at control.  It seems like he can control his impulses if he has something else to focus on outside of himself (i.e. Elena).  However, if he does not have something else to focus on, the blood becomes an all-consuming passion.  That is just an interesting note because it implies that his blood problem is not strictly speaking an addiction, but more in the nature of a coping mechanism.  It was definitely nice to see Stefan and Elena together for the investigation.  I do wish Elena would lighten up on Stefan.  He is a vampire and does need blood.  Granted, Damon's methods aren't kosher, but neither are the problems, so let the boys solve their own issues.

Watching Caroline be a mentor was neat.  She has grown up and matured so much since she was changed.  She managed to get Jamie to interact with Abby, helped Abby learn control, and helped Bonnie and Elena reunite.  She is really a cool character and majorly underutilized.  It was also nice to see Bonnie flirting with Jamie.  Seeing her laugh and enjoy herself was very nice to see.

I so want to smack Abby around for abandoning Bonnie again.  I get that the incident with Jamie freaked her out and that she has no idea how to be a mom, but Bonnie is a good girl and Abby would be ok.

It was also nice to see Jeremy again.  That note from Alaric to continue the mission was chilling and the fact that Jeremy has died several times with the ring is not good.  I wonder when he'll be back.

Next week, Damon and Stefan arm everyone for war....