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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Hopes for the One Tree Hill Finale and a Retrospective

I knew I said I would get this out last week, but life got in the way.  Sorry about that, but I figure better late than never.

As far as the finale goes, I really only have a couple of hopes.  First, I would love it to be drama light.  Since there should be no cliffhangers or anything, drama isn't needed.  I just hope that they wrap up everything in such a way that the show ends with a life goes on sort of feeling.  No serious dangling threads, but just a feeling that life is continuing.  I really want to be able to look back at these 9 years (10 or 11 on the show) and be able to enjoy the journey that was have been on with the characters.  Second, I would love to see as many old characters back as possible.  I know they said they couldn't get Chad for anything but that one episode or Hilarie for any at all, but I would love it if they managed to keep it under wraps the way they did with Craig.  Not counting on that, but would love it.  I really hope to see Karen, Andy, and Rose again.  Seeing Jake would be nice, but given that all of his storylines revolved around Peyton, I don't see how they would fit him back in.  We've seen Deb, Dan, and Chris back this season, would love to see everyone else if possible.  If they can't bring the actors back, maybe do a montage with the old characters or at the very least a mention.  I figure we'll probably see Bethany and Tyler perform and it would be great to see Kate or Jana perform as well.  Other than that, I just know I'll miss this show once it ends.

One Tree Hill was the first teen drama I watched from the beginning.  I got into it after seeing the last few episodes of Dawson's Creek (first ep I saw was the Talkline episode with Dr. Drew).  I found that I really liked the genre and saw the ads for this new show and decided to try it.  And I love the way this show really addressed serious issues without being preachy or condescending.  While some of the plots were outlandish (i.e. Nanny Carrie kidnapping Dan!), a lot of them where fun or just flat out neat.  OTH also gave me my favorite episode of television ever: Episode 3.16- "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept".  That episode was OTH at its finest.  The show dealt with the issue of bullying and reactions to it without taking sides or demonizing anyone.  The episode also set into motion events that are still echoing this season.  That is the power of an episode.  I have fallen in love with the characters and have enjoyed seeing them grow and develop.  I also love the continuity that this show has.  Rarely was a storyline just dropped, they were generally ended in some definitive fashion.  The show has had its downsides which I have mentioned in the past, but for the most part, it has been good and solid.  Not always stellar, but solid.  It really has been a joy to watch this "little show that could" keep chugging along despite everything.  And now, 9 years later, we are saying good bye.  I wish the cast and crew the best of luck and want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful 9 years.

My last post about OTH will be my review of the finale this Wednesday.   It has truly been fun and I hope that my reviews have been entertaining and maybe even thought provoking on occasion.  Until Wednesday!