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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.21- It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

Catherine's plans to get revenge on Siobhan are ruined, so she improvises.  Siobhan decides to help Henry out and ends up in the hospital.  And Machado finally shows that he can put pieces together to form a picture.

Having not seen last weeks episode, I have to make some educated guesses about what happened.  It seems (and please correct me if I am wrong) that the maid at the hotel identified Henry as having been in Tyler's room, Henry had his kids taken away (by his father-in-law?), Siobhan decided to attempt to bribe the maid into being quiet, Bridget and Andrew decided to let Catherine move in (WTF?), and Catherine started her revenge on Siobhan.  And Machado got suspended (or was that the week before?).  Did I miss much?

So let's start with Catherine.  That woman needs a serious checkup from the neck up.  She can't seem to realize that she has brought alot of these problems on herself.  Granted, Andrew shouldn't have cheated on her with Siobhan and Siobhan was (and is) a serious bitch, but Catherine is still messed up.  She doesn't see that she has driven away Juliet all on her own.  Instead she blames "Siobhan" for the distance.  All Bridget (aka "Siobhan) did was show Juliet love.  That's it.  I can understand wanting to kill Siobhan because she is so nasty, but the lengths this woman went through were ridiculous.  She hired a killer to kill Siobhan (the one Bridget killed and stuck in the box) and when that failed came up with the fake rape claim.  Then when Andrew threw her out, she went to Olivia's arms and decided to try again.  And then this week holding your own daughter hostage?  Granted, not tied up, but still a hostage?  Yikes!  Although her last shot at being happier living someone else's life hit Bridget hard because that is what Bridget has been doing.

I am glad that Machado is actually a competent cop.  He somehow figured out that Catherine was behind everything and got a warning to the FBI.  Too late as it turned out, but at least he got one to them.  And Bridget had the presence of mind to sneakily use a phone to dial Machado and get the information he needed so that he could arrest Catherine when she went to see Olivia.  That was good work.  Being outside the law has apparently raised his IQ and attentiveness by quite a bit.

I found it interesting that Catherine and Olivia have been working together for a while.  Their intent seemed to be to bring Siobhan down, which they nearly succeeded at doing.  They were never on the same page though, so it wouldn't have worked out.

Siobhan has had her babies and Henry is insisting on a paternity test,  Guess he doesn't trust her.  Smart man.  I have to say that going into labor while in a closet watching the only witness against your lover die was just weird.  But at least we know Siobhan didn't kill her.  But why did she lie to Henry about knowing anything about it?  Oh, because she lies about everything, of course!

Bridget is going to do some serious soul searching now.  She has been happily living a lie for months and that last comment of Catherine's really struck a nerve.  Given the previews for next week, she is going to spill the beans.  That won't be pretty.

Next week, the season (possibly series) finale....