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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Review of Ringer 1.22 SERIES FINALE- I'm the Good Twin

And the Ringer comes to an end.  Bridget finds out about Siobhan, Henry finds out if he is the twins' dad, Andrew and Juliet find out about Bridget, and the twins receive a visitor.

I have to say that despite everything, I feel sorry for Siobhan.  She's a self-absorbed bitch, but I don't know if she deserved what she got.  She lost Henry (ok, that was her fault for not telling him he was not the father of her babies), Henry stole all her money (that was not cool), and she has no place left to go.  It's called karma, dear. While I can't say I approve of Henry stealing her money, I can't feel too sorry for her.  I fell the most sorrow for her kids who are going to be in trouble because Mommy is a scheming, conniving bitch.  I would not want to be Henry next season, because I can guarantee Siobhan is going to be back for revenge, which is (as the saying goes) a dish best served cold.

I feel even worse for Bridget.  I know she's been lying all season, but her lies were only ever meant to protect herself.  Once she started living Siobhan's life, she changed and became the person Andrew fell in love with.  I am glad she told the truth because if she hadn't and Andrew found out later, the results would be much worse.  I am hoping that Andrew and Juliet realize that Bridget is not a bad person and does truly love them.  I thought Juliet saying that Bridget was worse than Catherine was an incredibly low blow.  And a bad comparison to boot.  At least Bridget knows that Siobhan is alive and why things have been happening to her.  I am betting next season is going to be Bridget attempting to find Siobhan and figure out how to fix their relaitonship (if she can).

I do feel sorry for Andrew and Juliet.  They thought that Siobhan had changed and was a good person, only to discover that it was her sister who was in fact a good person.  I really hope (as I said above) that they decide to give Bridget a chance because she has earned it.  I do understand why they are upset, I just want them to realize that regardless of the lies she told, Bridget really does love the both of them.

Apparently, Malcolm is dead.  Given the fact that we never saw his body, I won't say it is definite, but someone similar to him was found dead.

Bodaway is dead, killed by Bridget in self-defense.  And the dirty cop from Wyoming is also dead, killed by Bodaway.  And does Machado still have a job?

Until next season....(if there is one) <fingers crossed>