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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.19- Crystal

The second Blackwell child's identity is revealed; Charles and Jane have a confrontation with Blackwell; Jake, Faye, and Cassie meet Jake's grandfather; Diana has a date; and Adam and Melisa have a confrontation.

And the other Blackwell is Diana Meade.  That was definitely something of a surprise.  I was not totally surprised because I realized a while ago that to have Faye as the other Blackwell child was just too damn obvious.  Her mother is obsessed with Blackwell and she is bad enough that to have her revealed as the other Blackwell child would have been anticlimactic to say the least.  I must admit that at points I suspected either Adam or Melisa, but Diana seemed the most viable option.  What gave me the final clue was the way that Charles reacted to Blackwell.  We know that Adam's dad hates Blackwell because he kept Ethan and Amelia apart, but the hatred Charles had far surpassed that.  The only thing to bring on a hatred that strong would be if an affair of some sort happened.  I wonder if Charles knows that Diana is not his daughter or if he merely knows that Blackwell and his wife had an affair.  I hope we get to see his reaction to this news.

Given what Jake's grandfather said and Blackwell's actions over the past several weeks, I am seriously reevaluating the man.  We have always known that he has his own agenda, but it seems that he is lying to everyone.  Does he really want to turn the Circle evil in order to tip the balance of good and evil?  Or, as he has said constantly, has he reformed himself and become a better person?  I suspect the former, but I could be wrong.  In fact, I do wonder if he is the traitor to the witches.  Maybe he used the witch hunters all those years ago to destroy the Circle in order to get the Elders to strip the Circle of their powers so that when the children grew up, his children could corrupt the new Circle.  If so, then he plans for the long-term and will be most difficult to stop.  The only hope is that Cassie and Diana somehow stay true to white magic.  Also, if my supposition is correct, then all of his protestations to Cassie about using her black magic is meant to ensure that she uses it at a time of his choosing and not before.  And finally, his plan to reunite the crystals into their original form would not be a good thing.  Not sure how he'll use it, but it cannot be good.

I have to say that the Circle is ruthless when they need to be.  Marking that guy (forgot his name) and warning him to never come back was strong stuff.  I totally understand why they did it (for their own protection) but it was uberharsh.

Watching Jane and Charles confront Blackwell was interesting.  I wonder if Blackwell was feigning being weak or not.  What I do know is that Jane is now dead, killed by her blood being in a cruet with a personal item that she thought contained Blackwell's blood and ring.  That sucked.  And Charles is currently only alive (according to Blackwell anyways) because he will be useful to Blackwell.  Not a nice man.....

As for poor Diana, sometime being a witch sucks.  She was supposed to go on a wonderful date, but couldn't because of the search for the crystals.  And now her date has left on his boat and she wants out after the witch hunters are dealt with.  Methinks it won't be that easy.

Until next week!