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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Review of The Secret Circle 1.20- Traitor

The identity of the traitor is apparently revealed (and it's a doozy!), Charles finds out about Diana and confronts Blackwell, Jake contacts the witch hunters, and Adam and Melisa find out how to get their hands on the final crystal.

The traitor is apparently....NICK!  I got it about 30 seconds before the reveal when Jake found the picture of his parents.  It was a shock that I literally lost my breath over.  Having Nick be the traitor (assuming he is) is perfect.  He was possessed by a demon and died, so if he came back he might not be the same person he was before.  This will also throw the Circle into chaos.  Melisa has finally gotten to a good place after Nick's death and Jake has firmly settled himself into the Circle.  If Nick comes back, this will throw the Circle out of balance.  Although I hate to even speculate about this, I do have to wonder if Jake is the real traitor and somehow brought Nick back to throw the Circle off balance.  Even worse, did Blackwell bring Nick back for some obscure purpose?  There is no way to be sure at this point, so we'll just have to be patient.

Diana is not adjusting well to the knowledge that Blackwell is her father.  I get it, her entire world is turned on its head and she needs adjustment time.  Can't say I was fond of the way she talked to Cassie though.  Is killing wrong?  On the whole, yes.  But there are times when killing is necessary.  Self defense, defense of others, or war are all instances where killing someone else is not wrong.  These are really the only times when Cassie has ever killed someone.  I think what is going on with Diana is that she is grasping at the one thing that is still solid and real in her life, her sense of right and wrong.  Unfortunately, she is letting this make her see the world in black and white, but there are shades of gray out there that need to be acknowledged.  I do admire that she sees the world this way, but it is dangerous because if she slips sometime, it may send her down a dark, dark path that will make her infinitely more dangerous than either Blackwell or Cassie.

Speaking of Cassie, that poor girl had a tough week.  Her grandmother is dead and she believes that the witch hunters did it.  She kissed the boy she loves, even though she is supposed to have gotten rid of those feelings.  Her half-sister is scared of her and hates her father.  Life just sort of sucks right now.

Charles attacking Blackwell was not the brightest maneuver.  And I was wrong in what I said last week, Charles did not know about the affair.  Huh.  I have to say that I am surprised about that.  His hatred is so strong that I was sure he knew.  At least he reaffirmed his unconditional love for Diana.  She needs that even if it will mean more later than it does now.  And leaving may not be a good idea.  I don't see Blackwell allowing it, particularly if Diana is necessary for his plan (whatever it is) to work.

Watching Adam and Melisa together was fun.  These two don't hang out much together, so watching them take the opportunity allowed us to see a different side of both of them.  That cloaking spell was neat, as was Melisa's line about Adam's grandfather using the spell to cloak his girlie magazines.  Oh, and the crystal?  It's at the school somewhere.

Not sure if contacting Isaac was the brightest idea that Jake has ever had.  Not an awful idea, but still, not the best.  At least it told them who the traitor was and gave him time with Faye, which is always fun to see.  I also loved Faye's quips about the Blackwell sisters or Super Powered Black Twins.  Those were truly amusing.

Until next week!