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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Review of the Vampire Diaries 3/20- Do Not Go Gentle

Esther makes Alaric into the ultimate vampire hunter, Elena continues to waver between the brothers, and Tyler and Caroline confront the possibilities....

Esther has made Alaric into a vampire.  He will apparently be the only vampire who will not die when the Originals are killed because he is a new bloodline.  He has also been given the single remaining white ash stake which has been made indestructible by melting his ring and binding its magic to the stake.  Esther means business.  She recreated the original spell for a one time use.  Interestingly enough, she somehow altered the spell so that Alaric would have enough energy to kill hunt down and kill the Originals, and once he accomplishes that task, he will die.  All in all, Esther is not the white hat in this story.  She is so obsessed with destroying her children and their progeny that she has lost sight that not all vampires are inherently evil.  They may be unnatural, but they are not all evil.  Take Stefan (or even Damon!) for example.  Both brothers are good.  Are there bad vampires?  Yes, that is definitively true, but Esther is trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

While she is trying to destroy her children, she also hurts other people.  She used magic on Elena to cut her and get her blood for Alaric in order to cast the spell.  She has manipulated Alaric so that Alteric is now in the driver's seat.  She almost killed both Matt and Jeremy by making them point their weapons at each other when they were trying to protect Elena.  And she took control of Bonnie in order to get her to Alaric to feed him so that the transition would be completed when he didn't want to complete it.  Not sure who is worse, an admittedly evil creature like Klaus or a deluded person like Esther.  I think I'd go with the latter.

Speaking of Bonnie, can't say I am fond of her right now.,  I get that she is upset at Damon and Stefan for what happened to her mother, but Damon is right, would Bonnie rather have lost Elena?  I also get that Bonnie hates vampires because of what happened to her grandmother.  I guess I just am not fond of her attitude right now.  Elena has lost more than Bonnie has.  Her mother and father are dead, her aunt was turned into a vampire and then sacrificed by Klaus, her guardian has been killed in front of her eyes, and she was forced to send her brother away for his own protection, yet she continues to work with vampires to do what needs to be done.  Is it always easy?  No, but she can still do it.

Watching Tyler and Caroline was interesting.  He had to pretend that the sire bond was still functioning properly by allowing Caroline to dance with Klaus.  He is also willing to sacrifice himself by helping to destroy Klaus if it is necessary.  To be honest, I didn't think that Tyler could be that selfless, so color me impressed.

Elena still has a choice to make.  She loves Stefan with an epic, pure love but she also loves Damon with a more wild, chaotic, and passionate love.  She will have to make a choice soon.  Fortunately, Stefan seems to be not putting her in a position where it will be uncomfortable if she does not choose him.  He knows that he has hurt her dreadfully and knows that she and Damon have gotten closer.  He refuses to hear details yet, wanting Elena to choose him before she tells him.  And Damon is refusing to do anything to force Elena closer to him or further away from him.  Wonder who she'll choose.  I can't choose myself because I do think that either would be good for her in different ways.  So, I'll just wait and see.

Until next week!