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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 3.21- Before Sunset

Alteric makes an impressive debut, Elena figures out how to kill Alteric, Klaus makes a move on Elena, Tyler reveals that the sire bond is gone, and Bonnie replicates the vampire dessication spell which has consequences that the gang was unaware of....

Alteric is really, really badass.  He took apart Stefan, Klaus, and Damon without breaking a sweat; would have staked Rebekah if Caroline hadn't surprised him; and he knows the group well enough to be able to totally get in their heads and mess with them.  That strength, more than any of the physical attributes, are what make him so dangerous.  He is totally psychotic and convinced that he is completely sane.  Not a good combination.  He does have a weakness though.  Alteric will only live as long as Elena does.  Because a witch cannot create a truly immortal creature, there must always be a way to destroy them.  In the case of the Originals, the white ash tree was the method of destruction.  In the case of Alteric, his life was tied to Elena's, so if she dies, then he does as well.  Which leads to an interesting question: could Stefan or Damon kill Elena and turn her into a vampire?  Since she would have to die to be a vampire, would that be enough to kill Alteric?

Poor Elena, everyone wants her, and not all in pleasant ways.  She has both of the Salvatore brothers after her (and she does need to choose), Klaus wants her in order to retain the ability to keep making hybrids, and Alteric wants her in order to lure Klaus in.  Thank goodness she has acknowledged that she is not being fair to the Salvatores, but she gives a very solid rationale for what she is doing.  Basically, she doesn't want to lose anyone else from her life and she knows that if she chooses one, she will more than likely lose the other and she doesn't want to lose either one.  I appreciate that the brothers are not pressuring her to choose one of them.  Even Caroline; who is pretty hardcore Stelena; isn't forcing the issue, she is just gently reminding her that a choice must be made at some point.  When Klaus discovers that Elena is what is keeping Alteric going, he decides that he will sacrifice Elena so long as he can get her blood in order to make some hybrids.  Nice guy, huh?

But Klaus is not going to get a chance to make the hybrids.  Bonnie went to Abby to get the dessication spell that was used on Mikael.  Abby revealed that the spell stops the vampires heart, but in order for the balance to be maintained, a human heart must be stopped as well.  So Jeremy immediately volunteers to be the human volunteer since it is his sister who is being helped.  Damon is worried about another split personality if Jeremy dies while wearing the ring, but Jeremy insists that he trusts Bonnie to bring him back before he dies.  The spell requires that Klaus, Damon, and Stefan drink Bonnie's blood in order to be linked to her and that they be linked to the target (Alteric) by his blood in order for Bonnie to do the spell properly.  Alteric manages to take down both Stefan and Damon.  Although Klaus gets the link started Alteric breaks the connection and tosses Klaus around like a rag doll.  Ultimately, when the gang realizes what Klaus is doing to Elena, Stefan and Damon (with some help from Tyler) attack Klaus in order to allow Bonnie to use the spell on him.  Bye-bye Klaus.  Not permanently, I am sure, but at least for a little.

I loved the little celebration at the end.  They get so little to celebrate about that I am glad they celebrated the little victory they got here.   I also found it interesting that Damon and Stefan both agreed to leave if Elena chose the other.  Their bond seems to be strong, which is a good thing.  And why did Elena collapse at the end?  Oh, and what is Alteric going to do with the council now?  Nothing good I am sure....