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Monday, June 25, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.05- Venomous

We find out the identity of the kamina (and was I wrong!); Scott, Stiles, and Alison protect Lydia from Derek who believes that Lydia is the kamina; Alison and Erica feud over Scott; and Jackson is still attempting to fill in the missing two hours from his video.

The kanima is: Jackson!  I could have sworn that we saw him at the same time as the kanima when Scott and Alison saw it at Isaac's, but I was obviously wrong.  Apparently, when Derek bit Jackson something went wrong and Jackson turned into the kanima rather than a werewolf.  It might have something to do with the claws to the back of the neck he took earlier or it might have to do with the fact that he is a total ass, we dunno yet.  But this would explain the extra strength that he has and the extra sharp senses that he was displaying in this episode.  So now there are a few questions:

[1] Who erased the two hours from the video?
[2] Who was in the car at the end of this episode?
[3] Can Jackson be saved or will they have to kill him?
[4] Why did the venom paralyze Jackson and not Lydia?
[5] What exactly went wrong with the bite?  Could Derek have had hostile intentions and that affected the change somehow?  Or maybe Jackson seeking the change out had some effect.

Watching Scott, Stiles, and Alison protect Lydia was just fun.  Poor Stiles was getting thrown around by Isaac until Scott arrived and kicked his ass.  Knowing she probably couldn't kill Erica, Alison was smart enough to use the venom to paralyze her.  Derek is right, Scott is the Alpha of this little "pack".  Derek really needs to start listening to Scott who seems to be the only one who is thinking things through properly.  Of course, having Stiles and Alison to back him up probably has something to do with that, as does the fact that Scott is a protector.  Derek's pack need to be more wary of Scott.  He has fought them two times recently and both times he wiped the floor with them unless they could gang up on him and even then, he could beat them.  The only one who has beat him so far has been Derek.

Can I just say that the chemistry teacher is a total and complete ass?  He is so contemptuous of the kids and keeps insulting Stiles for no reason.  And it is not fun teasing, it is totally meant to belittle him.  I so want someone to kick his ass up one side and down the other, please!

Next week, the group tries to catch and save Jackson.  Will they succeed?

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.04- Abomination

We get a name for the lizard creature, Stiles saves Derek's life and Scott saves them both, Alison and Scott look for a bestiary, and someone new knows Scott's secrets....

Grandad Argent knows Scott's secret.  This is not a good thing.  How do I know?  Well, the fact that he stabbed Scott in the side and threatened his mother's life is a pretty good indication of that.  Not entirely sure when he figured it out, but I am guessing that it was on the lacrosse field when Scott got up quickly from a broken leg and then confirmed at the dinner table when everyone was acting very weirdly.  Yes folks, we had another awkward dinner with Scott and the Argents, this time thanks to Grandad.  I wonder what this favor Grandad will need in the future is.  Whatever it is cannot be a good thing.

The lizard thing is called a Kemmand (I think, heard it twice, never saw a spelling).  It is an "abomination" (Stiles' word agreed to by Derek) that does not know who it actually is.  It is a shape shifter like the werewolves with a paralytic agent in its claws.  And it seems to get off killing.  So not a good thing.  So, the question is, who is it?  We know it is not Jackson, Scott, Stiles, Derek, Erica, Bennett, or any of the Argents since each of them has been seen in human (or werewolf) form when it was seen.  All the clues seem to point to Lydia, and for that reason (among others) I am doubting that it is her.  It could be someone we have not met yet, it could be Isaac (who has not been seen at the same time as the creature), it could be the camera guy, or someone else entirely.  I am leaning toward Isaac or camera guy, but there is no definitive proof, so I'll wait for some.

I had to laugh when Stiles was talking to Scott and Alison about the bestiary and they both thought he was talking about bestiality.  And then Stiles got a major league workout running back and forth between the two of them to pass messages.  Definitely amusing.  I was impressed with his ability to keep treading water and keeping Derek alive for several hours.  I didn't think he was that strong, although maybe survival instinct and adrenaline was enough to keep him going.  I think everyone should be happy to have Stiles around.  While he is good for comic relief, he is also good in a crisis.  And he handled Lydia wonderfully.  He comforted her only to have to abandon her to get the bestiary.  Totally sucked.

Watching Derek train Isaac and Erica was sort of amusing.  He took them down so easily and repeatedly.  And then when he casually broke Isaac's arm to make a point, wow.  He is definitely intense.  Not the sort of guy I'd want as my Alpha.  Sheesh.

I wonder what Scott is going to do about Grandad Argent.  He did a decent job of being "normal" only to find out that it was virtually worthless.  Is he going to be able to stay close to Alison now or not?  I do hope that Grandad sees that Scott is not a bad guy, but I am doubting it.  The Argents seem to tolerate Scott for Alison's sake, but I don't think it would go any further.  Also, how did Grandad know the vet?  I sense an interesting backstory there....

And what was up with Jackson and the missing two hours?  The night of the full moon (when he taped himself), two hours of video were removed/erased.  Did he do something?

Until next week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.03- Ice Pick

Hafta say that this was not my favorite episode.  Not bad, just didn't like it quite as much as I have liked the others in the past.

Derek increases the size of his pack, Scott tries to dissuade someone from being turned, Jackson discovers something interesting about himself, Allison begins her training, and Lydia continues to feel the effects of the Alpha's attack....

Derek has increased his pack to include two new wolves and Scott is so not happy about this.  I get why Derek is doing this, because there are more hunters around and it seems; as Allison said; that battle lines are being drawn and a war is on the horizon.  I am glad that Derek is being honest and mentioning the hunters and other problems to people before he turns them.  Also, he is asking, which is interesting.  Not totally bad, but not really good either.  I have to say that I was impressed that Scott managed to take on both Isaac and Erica and beat them.  That was impressive.  Unfortunately, he wasn't as successful with Derek, not that I would expect him to be.  Between the fact that Derek is an Alpha and the fact that he has been a werewolf for longer, I would be truly shocked if Scott managed to hold him off for long.

Scott is stuck in a serious pickle.  He doesn't want anything to happen to the other wolves, in fact, he didn't want them to become wolves in the first place.  But, at the same time, he doesn't want anything to happen to Allison's family because that would hurt her.  So, what is he going to do?  I would so hate to be him.  He is stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place with no way out.  Fortunately, he has the vet as an ally (or at least an information source), so maybe he will have some luck on that end.  Also, did Scott's knowing that Erica was having a seizure akin to when dogs know their owners are in trouble, something they can sense from afar?  That is an interesting question.

What the hell happened with Jackson?  The dude picked up a fricking pick up truck!  Effects from the bite?  It seems as if the clawing on his neck from last season granted him immunity from Derek's bite (if I am reading this properly), but there were still some effects.  Is the strength only when he is upset, like anadrenaline rush, or is it a more permanent ability?  Also, is his irritability and short fuse a symptom of the bite or his frustration at not changing?

Lydia is seeing the Alpha around.  That cannot be good.  I assume this is a symptom of his attack on her, I am just wondering why.  Why did she not change?  I wonder if Jackson had it backwards.  Assuming that I am right and the clawing on his neck from last season granted him immunity, is it possible that he did something to pass the immunity onto Lydia?  Or could the Alpha's dying before she changed for the first time have short circuited the transformation, but left her with psychic/psychological damage?

Like Scott, Allison is in a pickle.  Caught between her (not-so) secret boyfriend and her family, which will she choose?  She also found out that the women in the Argent family are the leaders, meaning that her mother was the one who ordered that Isaac be killed.  And now Mom knows about her and Scott.  So not a good thing.

Stiles didn't do much tonight.  I loved when he was talking to Erica and manfully trying to avoid ogling her, even though it was perfectly obvious that he wanted to.  And apparently Dylan doesn't want to be seen shirtless, because that opening of the locker just as he was changing was too obvious.  Oh, well....

Until next week!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.01 and 2.02- Omega and Shape Shifted

Welcome back to Season 2 of Teen Wolf.  Missed the episodes when they originally aired, but got to watch them tonight and they were awesome.  A new member of the Argent family is introduced (played by Michael Hogan) and a new werewolf (ok, 2) are also introduced.  Lydia disappears and then reappears, Jackson's plan doesn't work out the way he wants to, Scott and Alison are placed in an interesting situation, and Stiles continues to be level-headed and comic relief.

Alison's grandfather is introduced and man, does he make an immediate impact.  If you thought that Aunt Kate was bad, Granddaddy is worse.  Because a werewolf killed Kate, he has declared war on werewolves and has thrown out the Code that Mr. Argent mentioned frequently last year.  He found an Omega (more on that in a moment) and then cut him in half.  Gross!!  And disturbing.  Even worse, he is the new principal at the high school.  This is so not a good thing.

I found the explanation of the Omega to be quite fitting.  FYI, omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.  On a side note, alpha is the first letter.  Hence why you will frequently see the first (or head) of something called the Alpha.  Since the Omega is the last member of a given pack, it was a fitting title.  Too bad he wasn't around very long.

Let's start with Scott.  First, he got a haircut which I highly approve of.  Never been fond of the whole shaggy thing, so this new cut is much nicer on him.  Problem #1 for Scott: Daddy Argent is not fond of Alison and Scott dating and he decided to demonstrate his displeasure using a gun.  Not cool.  So, in good teenage fashion, Scott and Alison are sneaking around together.  Forbidden love is just the best right?  Problem #2: something is going around taking body parts from dead people.  Ewww...  Turns out it was the Omega.  Scott and Stiles thought it was Lydia.  Understandable, but glad they were wrong.  Problem #3: Derek is still on Scott's case to come join his pack.  I think we can understand why Scott refuses to do so, although I fear that he may have no choice but to do so, if only for self-preservation.  Problem #4: there is a new player in town.  This creature seems to be a lizard like creature.  Suppose we'll find out more about that later.  Oh, and Scott, sniffing other guys?  So not low profile, ok?  <snerk>

Stiles gets the role (once again) of comic relief and verbal punching bag.  I have to say that I love Dylan's timing and facial expressions.  When Stiles was sleeping outside of Lydia's hospital room, it was really cute and funny.  And apparently he has been talking in his sleep alot, because the looks those nurse gave him were amused and semi-exasperated.  Stiles is, of course, tremendously worried about Lydia.  She disappears from her hospital room and he is worried about her.  Very cute.  Then there is the teacher who has decided that he is going to make Stiles' life a living hell because of the problems with Stiles' dad last year.  So not cool.  Dude, if you have a problem with a kid's parents, take it up with the parents, not out on the kid.

Alison is soon going to be torn two ways.  She loves Scott and wants to protect him, but her family can't stand him.  Ahh, star-crossed lovers.  But, damn, can she shoot a bow well.  I was impressed with the way she shot that "deputy".  Did she flatten his tire?  I do wonder which side she will ultimately come down on, or if she will try and straddle the fence.

I'd almost feel sorry for Jackson if he wasn't such a complete and total @$$.  Blowing Lydia off that way, acting as if Isaac getting the crap kicked out of him was nothing, and blatantly not caring about anyone else.  Surprised?  No, not really.  Unfortunately for Jackson, the bite is not having any effect on him.  For some as yet unknown reason, his body is fighting the bite off.  I am extremely curious about that.  I will say that I *LOVED* all the shirtless Jackson (and Scott for that matter), very nice.  :-)

Wonder what is up with Lydia.  First the water turns black and then she goes wandering off with no clothes in 40 degree weather for 2 days and can't remember what happened.  I cannot wait to be let in on this little secret.

Derek as Alpha is (as of now) not as bad as I had feared.  He still seems to be the same guy we met last season, just with more authority.  I sort of get why he turned Isaac, just not sure if it was wise.

Until next week!