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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.03- Ice Pick

Hafta say that this was not my favorite episode.  Not bad, just didn't like it quite as much as I have liked the others in the past.

Derek increases the size of his pack, Scott tries to dissuade someone from being turned, Jackson discovers something interesting about himself, Allison begins her training, and Lydia continues to feel the effects of the Alpha's attack....

Derek has increased his pack to include two new wolves and Scott is so not happy about this.  I get why Derek is doing this, because there are more hunters around and it seems; as Allison said; that battle lines are being drawn and a war is on the horizon.  I am glad that Derek is being honest and mentioning the hunters and other problems to people before he turns them.  Also, he is asking, which is interesting.  Not totally bad, but not really good either.  I have to say that I was impressed that Scott managed to take on both Isaac and Erica and beat them.  That was impressive.  Unfortunately, he wasn't as successful with Derek, not that I would expect him to be.  Between the fact that Derek is an Alpha and the fact that he has been a werewolf for longer, I would be truly shocked if Scott managed to hold him off for long.

Scott is stuck in a serious pickle.  He doesn't want anything to happen to the other wolves, in fact, he didn't want them to become wolves in the first place.  But, at the same time, he doesn't want anything to happen to Allison's family because that would hurt her.  So, what is he going to do?  I would so hate to be him.  He is stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place with no way out.  Fortunately, he has the vet as an ally (or at least an information source), so maybe he will have some luck on that end.  Also, did Scott's knowing that Erica was having a seizure akin to when dogs know their owners are in trouble, something they can sense from afar?  That is an interesting question.

What the hell happened with Jackson?  The dude picked up a fricking pick up truck!  Effects from the bite?  It seems as if the clawing on his neck from last season granted him immunity from Derek's bite (if I am reading this properly), but there were still some effects.  Is the strength only when he is upset, like anadrenaline rush, or is it a more permanent ability?  Also, is his irritability and short fuse a symptom of the bite or his frustration at not changing?

Lydia is seeing the Alpha around.  That cannot be good.  I assume this is a symptom of his attack on her, I am just wondering why.  Why did she not change?  I wonder if Jackson had it backwards.  Assuming that I am right and the clawing on his neck from last season granted him immunity, is it possible that he did something to pass the immunity onto Lydia?  Or could the Alpha's dying before she changed for the first time have short circuited the transformation, but left her with psychic/psychological damage?

Like Scott, Allison is in a pickle.  Caught between her (not-so) secret boyfriend and her family, which will she choose?  She also found out that the women in the Argent family are the leaders, meaning that her mother was the one who ordered that Isaac be killed.  And now Mom knows about her and Scott.  So not a good thing.

Stiles didn't do much tonight.  I loved when he was talking to Erica and manfully trying to avoid ogling her, even though it was perfectly obvious that he wanted to.  And apparently Dylan doesn't want to be seen shirtless, because that opening of the locker just as he was changing was too obvious.  Oh, well....

Until next week!