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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.04- Abomination

We get a name for the lizard creature, Stiles saves Derek's life and Scott saves them both, Alison and Scott look for a bestiary, and someone new knows Scott's secrets....

Grandad Argent knows Scott's secret.  This is not a good thing.  How do I know?  Well, the fact that he stabbed Scott in the side and threatened his mother's life is a pretty good indication of that.  Not entirely sure when he figured it out, but I am guessing that it was on the lacrosse field when Scott got up quickly from a broken leg and then confirmed at the dinner table when everyone was acting very weirdly.  Yes folks, we had another awkward dinner with Scott and the Argents, this time thanks to Grandad.  I wonder what this favor Grandad will need in the future is.  Whatever it is cannot be a good thing.

The lizard thing is called a Kemmand (I think, heard it twice, never saw a spelling).  It is an "abomination" (Stiles' word agreed to by Derek) that does not know who it actually is.  It is a shape shifter like the werewolves with a paralytic agent in its claws.  And it seems to get off killing.  So not a good thing.  So, the question is, who is it?  We know it is not Jackson, Scott, Stiles, Derek, Erica, Bennett, or any of the Argents since each of them has been seen in human (or werewolf) form when it was seen.  All the clues seem to point to Lydia, and for that reason (among others) I am doubting that it is her.  It could be someone we have not met yet, it could be Isaac (who has not been seen at the same time as the creature), it could be the camera guy, or someone else entirely.  I am leaning toward Isaac or camera guy, but there is no definitive proof, so I'll wait for some.

I had to laugh when Stiles was talking to Scott and Alison about the bestiary and they both thought he was talking about bestiality.  And then Stiles got a major league workout running back and forth between the two of them to pass messages.  Definitely amusing.  I was impressed with his ability to keep treading water and keeping Derek alive for several hours.  I didn't think he was that strong, although maybe survival instinct and adrenaline was enough to keep him going.  I think everyone should be happy to have Stiles around.  While he is good for comic relief, he is also good in a crisis.  And he handled Lydia wonderfully.  He comforted her only to have to abandon her to get the bestiary.  Totally sucked.

Watching Derek train Isaac and Erica was sort of amusing.  He took them down so easily and repeatedly.  And then when he casually broke Isaac's arm to make a point, wow.  He is definitely intense.  Not the sort of guy I'd want as my Alpha.  Sheesh.

I wonder what Scott is going to do about Grandad Argent.  He did a decent job of being "normal" only to find out that it was virtually worthless.  Is he going to be able to stay close to Alison now or not?  I do hope that Grandad sees that Scott is not a bad guy, but I am doubting it.  The Argents seem to tolerate Scott for Alison's sake, but I don't think it would go any further.  Also, how did Grandad know the vet?  I sense an interesting backstory there....

And what was up with Jackson and the missing two hours?  The night of the full moon (when he taped himself), two hours of video were removed/erased.  Did he do something?

Until next week!