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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.06- Frenemy

Scott races to stop the kanima/Jackson (henceforth Jackima) from killing anyone or being killed and takes some drastic steps with Stiles, Jackima has a confrontation with Derek and Mr. Argent, Alison gets creeped out at school, and Lydia starts digging for the truth only to run across something that disturbs Alison...

You know, one thing you have to admire about Scott is the fact that no matter what, he tries to help and save people, even if they don't necessarily deserve it.  Jackson is a total ass to Scott and Stiles, but Scott is still intent on saving him.  Stiles was right, the easiest thing would have been to get rid of Jackson, which would have accomplished the goal of saving other people.  However pragmatic this might be, it is not something Scott would do.  I really hope Jackson realizes how lucky he is to have Scott as a protector.  Derek and Mr. Argent are out to kill him to save lives.  Scott, on the other hand, wants to save Jackson and other lives.  Admirable?  Yes.  Best idea?   Probably not, but he wouldn't be our Scott if he didn't try.

As for how Jackson was paralyzed last week, I wonder if Stiles was right.  Could Jackson be separate enough from the kanima that the paralyzing agent would still work on him?  Possibly some sort of protective measure to ensure that the human identity of the kanima is not discovered?  That is an intriguing possibility.

I was also struck by the fact that Alison's grandad wasn't attacked by the kanima at all.  Now, the obvious conclusion is that he is controlling it somehow.  However, I wonder if maybe Scott was right.  The kanima seems to go after people who have killed.  Or, in Danny's case, someone who can identify it.  Could grandaddy have figured this out and known that by standing still he wouldn't be a threat to it?  Because at this point, there seem to be two likely candidates to be the kanima's controller.  One is grandad Argent, the other is the counselor given the fact that she mistranslated the text.

My worry now is what the sheriff is going to do.  Did Jackson report Stiles and Scott for kidnapping him?  If so, that would suck.  True, granted, but it would still suck.  I really hope he didn't, but am not holding any hope on that score given his track record.  I have to say that when Scott proposed revealing everything to the sheriff, I was shocked.  Not going to happen now, but I was impressed.

And poor Alison has both grandad and mom at school.  That has to suck.  And grandad is installing cameras all over school, presumably to keep track of what is going to due to the many supernatural problems.  And having mommy Argent as a sub could not have been fun.

Until next week...