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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.07- Restraint

We find out the truth about Jackson's parents (well, part of it anyway), part of what is going on with Lydia, and Scott comes to an understanding with Derek....

Jackson has three distinct personalities. First, there is the douche we all know, then there is the Jackima (the personality of the Kanima in Jackson's form), and the Kanima itself. Not sure why all three exist, but they do. And the Jackima is not nice. Witness what he said and did to Alison.

As for how he became the Kanima, it turns out that if someone has an issue that is unresolved and they are bitten by a werewolf, then they turn into the Kanima until such time as they resolve the issue. Jackson's is apparently the manner of his birth. He "was from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd" (Bonus points if you can name that reference without looking it up!) His parents died in a car accident the day before he was born and he was delivered by C-section. No wonder he has issues. As for who is controlling him, I suspect that it may be the chemistry teacher. I could be wrong, but I swear that we saw that bumper sticker on the car which drove away from the Kanima.

That boy Lydia has been seeing is the image of Peter Hale; the Alpha Derek killed. He said that since Lydia is immune from the bite (why though?) she is perfect to carry out a mission. Not sure what yet, but it can't be pretty. I shudder at the implications.

Erica has had a crush on Stiles for a while. Not bad taste, I must admit. But, he never noticed her, which sucks for her. So it was nice to see her in his arms at the end of the ep. So we have Stiles crushing all over Lydia and Erica crushing all over Stiles. Might be headed for love triangle territory, although I hope not.
Scott has agreed to work with Derek in order to catch and stop Jackson. Key word: Stop. Scott insists that Jackson not be killed and that the hunt be done his way. Derek seemed to acquiesce to Scott's demands. Does this mean that Scott is joining Derek's pack? Or is this more in the nature of a temporary alliance against a common enemy? Also, how much do you wanna bet that at least a part of this is going to involve getting the hunters involved in tracking the Kanima?
The scene where Jackson ate the snake was definitely freaksome and wigged me out. When the snake came out of his eye, I wigged out even harder. Totally nifty, but wigsome.
Did anyone besides me almost bust a gut watching Scott's mom unsuccessfully resist cleaning/searching his room? Was definitely amused. He is going to have to tell her the truth at some point. He is going to need adult allies and I do think that his mom and Stiles' dad could be helpful. Also, after she found the mostly used box of condoms and then went to go talk to Alison's mom, I groaned. Good parental skills, bad timing. As for the scene where Alison's mom was sharpening a pencil while asking Scott if he was having sex with Alison, I was definitely amused. Wonder if the pencil was symbolic of a weapon, was a phallic symbol, or both!
Until next week!