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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.08- Raving

The hunters and wolves make seperate, but convergent plans; Alison's mom sees something she shouldn't have seen; we get some more information about the Kanima; the events of the past few weeks leave unintended collateral damage; and Scott and Alison come to an agreement...

Not sure where to start, so I'll hit the collateral damage. Stiles' dad has been fired because of what Stiles has been doing to help Scott out recently. That seriously sucks. It didn't stop Stiles from doing what he needed to do tonight, but I suspect that his enthusiaism will be even more limited in the future because of what has happened. I was definitely impressed with Stiles during the episode. He worked with his dad to figure out links between the Kanima's victims (although the links ended up being for naught, but more on that later), he took on the dust duty and had faith in himself (an impressive act in and of itself), and face the Jacima with a sense of purpose (until it freed itself). Scott should be on his knees thanking God that he has Stiles for a friend.

Speaking of Scott, he and Alison are in a weird place right now for several reasons. First, after his chat with Alison's mom last week, he decided that it would be a good idea if they were to start seeing other people. Which worked out for her because she had agreed to go out with Matt (the video guy) already. They kissed, which was seen by Alison's mom who was massively pissed. Second, Alison told her dad about Jackson being the Kanima and now the hunters are out for blood. Unfortunately, Scott has persuaded Derek and his pack to go after Jackson as well to capture and help him. Scott was annoyeed at Alison for telling her dad, in part because he knows the hunters will want to kill Jackson and in part because it fouled up his plans. Ok, and jealousy may have played a part in this as well. Third, Alison's mom kidnapped Scott and tried to kill him using a wolfsbane aerosol. Derek rescued Scott and bit Mrs. Argent. That is not going to help things at all.

As for plans, I gotta say, Scott and the vet came up with a good one. Unfortunately, the plan had a flaw and that flaw was that they assumed that the Kanima was being controlled by a live person. They also didn't seem to realize how powerful the Kanima's master is. Based on the literal meaning of the master's word as he/she was talking through Jackson, the master is; in fact; a spirit. That could throw a slight monkey wrench into the entire thing. Now, if the master was being more symbolic about being murdered, then the master could be very much alive. But the fact that the master was able to control Jackson for a lengthy period of time and force him to change into the Kanima while he under the influence of a fairly major sedative. Between this and the conversation between the vet and his (presumably) daughter at the end, I am concerned and worried.

The hunters' plan; on the other hand; was predictable and fairly crude. Go in with force and kill. Just want to roll my eyes at them for that wonderfully original plan. At least Scott and the pack are trying to figure out what is going on as opposed to a simple mission of destruction. Sigh....

So, what do we know about the Kanima? Well, we know that it is a creature created when a person is turned into a werewolf but has unresloved issues. When the issues are resolved, the transformation to werewolf is (presumably) completed. The Kanima seeks a master who (seemingly) controls both it and its human counterpart at will. It will seek out and kill murderers and has venom on its claws that paralyze its victims. This is all fairly old news. What we learned is waht was mentioned above: the master can still control the Kanima even if the human counterpart is dosed with a sedative. This is; again as I mentioned; definitely dangerous. Although thinking about it, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, the master can control the Kanima while the human is asleep, so knocked out is pretty much the same. I was considering guessing at the master, but I am totally unsure at this point. If asked, I would name the chemistry teacher, Jackson's biological parents, Lydia, or Peter.

Next week, we will learn the identity of the master, the fate of Alison's mother, and there is a party under a full moon.

Until then!