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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.09- Party Guessed

Someone dies, someone is (re)born, a master is revealed, and changes happen....
Mrs. Argent is dead with some help from her husband. It is unfortunate mainly because of the effect it will have on Alison (and Scott). You have to admire her willingness to stand on principle even though it means that she will die. And Alison's grandfather is one ice cold SOB. At least Mr. Argent showed some regret over what happened. Like I said last week, this bodes very poorly for any sort of reconciliation between Scott and Alison, particularly since she will probably learn why her mom committed suicide. The question is whether or not she did the right thing. That is debatable. I understand her view that she did not want to be a werewolf, but is it better to kill herself? I do not buy the argument that anyone should die "with dignity" (under any circumstances). So, I understand why she did what she did, but I don't agree with it.
Peter Hale is alive again. The reason he has been haunting Lydia is revealed. He needed her to bring Derek to him during this particular full moon (the last one of winter) in order to revive him. His being back is not good. Not good at all. Derek is clearly terrified, and unless I am mistaken, Derek is no longer the Alpha. Peter may be helpful in the fight against the Kanima and its master, but can he be trusted. Putting him and Alison's father and grandfather in the same city is asking for a disaster.
Speaking of Lydia, she spiked the punch for her birthday party with a hallucinogenic that had some interesting effects. Alison saw a darker version of herself who expressed displeasure with how she is handling things. Scott saw Alison making out with the Kanima (eww!!!). Stiles saw his dad who blamed him for his mother being gone, his job loss, and other issues. Jackson saw two faceless figures who were his real parents. Not sure what that drug was, but it was sort of interesting.
And the Kanima's master is revealed to be Matt the photographer. Not terribly surprised as he is one of the people I tagged a few weeks ago as being a possibility. But now that everyone knows who the Master is, what will they do about it? Also, how did he come to control the Kanima? And why did he say (via the Jackima) that he was dead last week? Finally, what does he have against the swim team from 2006? Lots of questions, hopefully answered soon.
Gotta feel for Stiles. The way his "dad" laid into him last night shows some massively deep insecurities. He blames himself for things that have happened. Granted, he is somewhat to blame for his dad's job loss because of his helping Scott, but for everything else? I think not. Not sure why exactly he blames himself (unless it is just a guilt thing), but I hope he figures out what is up and deals with it.
Tonight was a major change for the three new werewolves. Derek chained them all up and they all got free. Somehow, Isaac used his father as an anchor to retain some semblance of his humanity and some control. Color me impressed.
Until next week!