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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.10- Fury

Aptly named episode for any number of reasons. In it secrets are revealed, alliances are revealed and broken, hostages are taken, people are killed, and at the end is a twist that I *SO* didn't see coming....

Ok, let's start with the end. The Kanima has a new master. Gerard (aka Grandpa Argent) killed Matt by drowning him and then the Kanima came to his side. This cannot be a good thing. Given how it will kill whatever its master sets it after or thinks about killing, I am seeing the Kanima as a massive weapon against the wolves. And now that Alison knows that Derek bit her mother, the wolves list of allies is precariously thin. Also, any and all attempts to kill the Kanima (by anyone) has resulted in complete and utter failure. I suspect that beating the Kanima is going to come down to getting Jackson over his issues.
So, we learned about how Matt came to control the Kanima. 6 years ago, the swim team almost drowned Matt in a pool. Isaac's dad warned him not to tell anyone and he has lived in fear of water ever since. He saw Isaac's dad at the funeral for Alison's psychotic aunt and he was obsessed with revenge. That was the day that the Kanima killed him. The next day; when Jackson taped himself; Matt used his phone to tap into the video feed and saw Jackson transform and met the Kanima. Since then, he has been using the Kanima as his own personal Fury to get revenge for what happened. As explained in the episode, the Furies were Greek deities who would take revenge on people who had gotten away with a crime. See for more details. Anyway, up until this point everything was good. But when the Kanima did not kill the pregnant woman (presumably a hangup from Jackson), Matt killed her. This upset the balance that was supposed to exist and Matt started to slowly turn into a Kanima. The balance was that the master orders and the Kanima kills.
Now, I would assume that the reason the Kanima latched onto Gerard is that Gerard is angry about the death of his daughters at the hands of werewolves and wants to use the Kanima for vengenance. Presumably, the only reason he didn't get the Kanima first is that Matt's hatred came first and/or was stronger. So, we have a deadly creature that is being controlled by one of the biggest threats to the wolves. Yeah, this is *SO* going to end well.
Now the revealed secrets:
[1] The vet is an advisor to Derek's family and he is not impressed with Derek so far. He also is not afraid to let Derek know it.
[2] Scott's mom knows about the Kanima and werewolves. She also knows Scott is a werewolf and did not react particularly well. I must say that given the circumstances she was in when she found out, I don't blame here. Lemme see- son shot, she's locked up, creatures fighting and one is Scott. Any surprise she doesn't react well?
[3] Scott has been feeding information to Gerard. I would assume this is part of the deal me made a few weeks ago to save his mom. Derek overheard this and he ain't happy.
[4] Alison found out that Derek bit her mom and she is really not happy about it. She wants to kill Derek and any member of the pack who tries to defend him. She balked at going after Scott, however.
Until next week!