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Monday, August 6, 2012

My Review of Political Animals Episode 4- Lost Boys

We learn the story behind TJs suicide attempt, Doug and Susan continue to circle each other as a new member enters the ring, and Elaine makes an important decision.
Well, turns out TJ attempted suicide after a disasterous breakup in December. TJ was having an affair with a married congressman from Ohio who dumped TJ in a particulary cruel way. The congressman is a conservative Republican and the White House discovered his affair and used it as leverage to get him to vote for a piece of legislation that the White House valued. Elaine was against using the information as blackmail; partially I suspect because she wanted to protect TJ; but the congressman blamed TJ and Elaine for what happened. TJ was fixated on the congressman and was using him as a crutch to support his sobriety, so when the congressman told TJ that he was nothing except a good f^*k, it completely destroyed TJ. Was TJ actually in love with him? I don't know, but the fixation was enough to make it seem like it. Cut to the opening of the club tonight and TJ again falls completely apart. Bud refused to go to the opening based on the advice of his media advisor and when Elaine found out that the congressman was invited she refused to go as well. Doug was going to go, but TJ went off on him and told him not to bother. When he go to the club and saw that the congressman had not come, TJ went and did blow. Would he have done the drugs anyway? Possibly, but I suspect not. His self-esteem is incredibily fragile and he really needs someone to focus on to keep himself sober. Not a good thing, but there it is. Now TJ is in the hospital and fighting for his life. This is not good....
Doug and Susan continue to circle each other in regards to the story. Susan needs Doug for his access and he needs her to keep quiet. Unfortunately for the both of them, the blogger (Barbara?) is on the story and is refusing to let go. So, Susan has agreed to work with her in order to keep the story contained until Elaine makes an offical announcement. That should be an interesting pairing. Will Susan be able to lay her feeling about what her ex/boss did? Hope so!
Have to give Bud props. That man can take scraps of information and get a complete picture. Was not fond of how he talked to TJ, but glad he eventually showed up anyway. Good for him. And Elaine has given the president 48 hours notice of her resignation and has told him that she will be running against him. She is using the fact that he was willing to allow 100 Chinese sailors to die on their sunk sub as her public rationale. Glad to see her really take a stand here. Hope we get to see some of the campaign.
Next week, the aftermath of TJs drug use and the rescue of the men on the sub...