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Monday, August 13, 2012

My Review of Political Animals Episode 5- 16 Hours

With TJ in the hospital after his overdose, the family gets into various types of trouble as secrets and the past are revealed and the future made unclear for Elaine....

Anyone want to help me hit Doug over the head with a 2x4? What the #$%^ was he thinking sleeping with Susan Berg? I know he has not always made the brightest decisions where she is concerned, but sleeping with her takes stupidity to an entirely different level. I saw it coming a mile away and was so hoping it wasn't going there, but alas, it did got there. *sigh* Hope she was a good lay dude, because seriously, you deserve one hell of a bitchslapping. I get it, she's pretty, he's handsome, they get drunk and start telling secrets. Sigh.....

The more I see of Bud, the more I like him (unlike Doug who is rapidly going the opposite way). Is he a dog? Sure. He is a complete horndog, but he is also devoted to his family. Watching him with TJ was really, really sweet; especially when he was telling the story about secretly listening to TJ play the piano. And he and Elaine are getting along very, very well. I guess it helps that they still care for each other. And watching him punch the Vice President was especially satisfying. Using an affair is a very old political tactic, but when it involves the son of a former president, tread carefully, particularly when the ex-president has a temper. May I just say: GO BUD!!! :-)

Watching Anne and Margaret together was a riot. First, searching the house for drugs and getting rid of them. Well, most of them. They kept some pot and proceeded to smoke it. Anne got very chatty and a serious case of the munchies. Margaret got the "drinkies" (love that one!) and even more blunt than normal. I was really happy to see someone confront Anne about her bulimia. Anne needs help and while everyone else has either not noticed it, or is not going to say anything, Margaret has no such compunctions. She made vague hints about it early in the episode (see her comments about visiting the bathroom alot and "regularity") but later came right out an confronted Anne as she was on her way to the bathroom. I was also glad to see Anne open up about her anxieties about marrying into the Hammond family and her concerns about Elaine calling Doug at all hours.

We finally got to see Susan from back in the day. Her column about Elaine was definitely mean, but could not have been written by a man without him being accused of being either mysognistic or worse. Truthful? Dunno, but seeing as it was an opinion piece, that doesn't really matter. It was mean though, but it did get her to where she wanted to be. And she was awfully rude to her mom. Granted, a half hour for lunch is not the best idea (maybe call and reschedule given the circumstances), but even before that she was being very, very rude. Not very fond of her then.

I was glad to see the Elaine was able to persuade the President to go forward with the rescue despite the Chinese threats. In doing so, however, she made him that much more of an opponent in the primaries. But that is the price of doing the right thing. All in all, I am very glad that she did it. While I get why she did what she did with Susan, I was surprised that Susan went along with it. Then again, it was a good, old-fashioned horse trade where everyone got something. She can't protect TJ forever though, so she needs to come up with a new game plan.

Here's hoping TJ changes. Chances= not good. Still, hope springs eternal.

Until next week when the (season?) finale is shown!