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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Review of Teen Wolf 2.11- Battlefield

In this penultimate episode of the season the Kanima attacks a surprising person, Derek finds out how to save Jackson, Alison continues down the dark path, Scott finds out how bad his Faustian deal with Gerard really is, and the members of Derek's pack come to a decision....

First, I gotta talk about Stiles. He has been getting it in the teeth recently and tonight he had enough. Even though his dad got his job as sheriff back, Stiles basically told Scott that he is done with everything. I was impressed with the maturity of their conversation. Stiles spoke in a very calm and quiet voice and Scott didn't get upset. I think Scott was glad that Stiles came to the decision he did because it will put him in less danger. Is it going to stick? Hell to the no, but the decision was made anyway. I loved the opening using Stiles' session with the counselor as a narrative/expository device. That was well done. And Stiles in the game was hilarious. His dad's first two reactions (dread followed by outright, embarassing elation) were hilarious as were Stiles' initial attempts (stress *ATTEMPTS*) to play lacrosse. Lydia and Scott's mom making excuses for him were downright giggleworthy and when Stiles finally managed to score and get some confidence, he was on fire! I have to say that I expected Stiles to be attacked by the Kanima. But what ultimately happened was even better.

Don't like DarkAlison at all. Something about her just doesn't make sense. She is so far gone so incredibily quickly that it doesn't make a ton of sense. I understand going after Derek and shooting him, but why go after Boyd and Erica that way? Last week she said that she would kill them if they defended Derek, and this week, they were doing anything but that. The only thing I can think of is that somehow Gerard got to her and messed with her mind. Nothing else makes sense. I just wished they could have explained it somehow. Her dad seems to realize just how far off the reservation she has gone. Hopefully, he can do something about her soon.

It was nice to see Peter and Derek talking. While I don't normally trust Peter, I think we can in this case. He has as much to lose as anyone else if Gerard maintains his control of the Kanima and uses it against the wolves. So I think he is telling the truth; or enough of it anyway; out of simple self-interest. I found his explanation about the Kanima interesting. The Kanima has no pack and no identity, hence it seeks out a master to give it an identity. Jackson's issues are bound up in his status as an orphan with no identity, hence he became the Kanima. So, if they can give him an identity, it should break him out of his issues and end his time as the Kanima. Makes sense. Since the wolves identities are bound up in the pack, someone who has no identity wouldn't go to the pack but would seek someone out to give them an identity. So, somehow they have to get Lydia to give Jackson an identity and end his time as the Kanima.

I was also impressed with Scott's mom this week. After an extended rough patch, she has accepted that her son will do what is right and she stands behind him. I was glad to see that scene on the lacrosse field. Scott has lost so much this season, that he needed to get his confidence back before he could break the Faustian deal he made with Gerard. Luckily, between Isaac coming to him for advice and his mom supporting him, Scott was able to find the strength to end the deal and do what is right. Oh, and hearing Gerard talk about Alison probably helped too. :-)

Watching Isaac take out his own team in order to get Scott on the field was just downright hilarious. Definitely not something you would expect to see.

Next week, the season finale...