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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Review of Arrow 1.03- Lone Gunman

I know I haven't done a review of the first two (and probably won't, but you never know!), but at this point I want to write reviews of this show too. So here is my inaugural review of Arrow.
Before I start the episode review, I want to talk about the series briefly and why I am enjoying it so much (aside from Stephen Amell's abs!). When I heard about the show, I was expecting something like Smallville, an origin story of a superhero. I have never read comic books; which may seem odd considering the number of comic book movies/TV shows I watch; so I have no clue about the characteristics of the Green Arrow. I only have Smallville to base my predictions on, so I was expecting a bit more playboy and less tortured man. I do like the dynamic though, because it is very similar to Christopher Nolan's Batman. Someone who can do non-heroic things that have to be done without losing their hero status. For the most part, Amell does a nice balancing act with these things, so bravo.

Now onto last night's episode....

First, we find out that Oliver is a captain in a Russian mob-like group. Pretty cool actually. I suppose that it helps to have contacts in the criminal underground when you are fighting them. Although how exactly he joined the group is a mystery. Maybe they were the people on the island who were hunting him and the man who shot him? And was that antidote specifically for the poison that Deadshot used or is it some sort of univeral antidote?

Also, how does Oliver know that Laurel and Tommy had slept together? That was not exactly front page news? Did he make it off the island at some point (maybe when he joined the mob?) and find out about it? Or is he just that good at reading people?

Thea is going to get on my nerves unless she stops fulfilling the stereotypical privileged bad girl role. I get that she's had a tough life and what not, but seriously, she needs to pull herself together. While she is right that Oliver is trying to get her not to do the same things he did, he is not being a hypocrite. He is trying to help her learn from his mistakes. People need to seriously learn what words mean (in real life too!). A hypocrite is someone who says one thing and does another. Not someone who did something in the past and then advocates against it now. That is called learning from the past, it hypocrisy. (Ok, getting off my soapbox now!)

I knew the bodyguard was going to find out the truth soon. Since he has to follow Oliver around, he was going to have to find out, or at least put the pieces together. Wasn't expecting him to get shot, but that works. Now that he knows Oliver can take care of himself, he might be a little less anxious. Also, he can help Oliver out if needed.

I am glad that Laurel's dad did not blame the Arrow for the death in the beginning. He knows that the Arrow only uses arrows, and therefore a poisoned bullet? Not quite his thing. That is the sign of a reasonable man, so let's hope that it continues. And the tension between him and the Queens was very interesting. Understandable, but interesting.

Loved that Laurel came in and helped Oliver and Tommy. That was flat out amusing. And her explanation? Totally reasonable. Talk about damn good teachers though!

Until next week!