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Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.02- Memorial

There's a new danger in town, and he knows about several members of the gang.  We meet someone from Jeremy and Elena's past, Elena adjusts to being a vampire, and Jeremy does something fairly nifty....

Elena is having trouble adjusting to life as a vampire.  Stefan is insistent that Elena drink only animal blood from the start in order to acclimate her to the taste so that she won't accidentally kill someone and turn off her humanity as a result.  Unfortunately, she is rejecting all sources of blood.  She tries live animal, blood bag, and Damon.  First one that takes is when she feeds on Matt.  Have to admire him for that one.  Not at all surprising, but still pretty cool.  I was impressed that she was able to pull off.  Of course, I would expect Elena to be able to pull off of Matt, Jeremy, or Bonnie.  Still, the control was impressive.  Was also impressed to see how well Caroline took to mentoring Elena and how well Elena took the instructions.

Ok, so what is up with Jeremy being able to see the ink on the hunter's arm?  It was obviously something he should not have been able to see.  I wonder whether it has to do with the number of times he has died with the ring or if it has to do with his ability to see people as they are transitioning to the other side.  Whichever it is, he'd better be careful because the hunter was definitely looking at him oddly.  I will bet that the invisible tattoos have something to do with the harmful handshakes.  They also obviously have something to do with the bullets.  I am very sure I saw the same (or a similar) tattoo on his wrist/hand that was on the bullets.

I am not sure if I would side with Damon or Stefan in the Great Blood Debate.  I get where Stefan is coming from, but obviously he was doing something wrong since Elena went to Damon.  I do not think it is that she loves Damon more or anything, but rather that she didn't want to worry Stefan.  I am not quite sure why feeding from Damon was such a big deal, unless it is an intimacy thing.  She really does need both of the brothers to get through this.  Watching Stefan punch Damon in the face was quite funny.

This new hunter is dangerous.  He knows about Tyler and Damon, strongly suspects Elena, and I'll bet he has his suspicions about Stefan.  At this point, I think Caroline may be the only one who he doesn't suspect.  Cannot believe that he stabbed April.  If he thinks he is some sort of good guy, he is seriously deluded.  A good person does not almost kill an innocent person the way he did.  He is dangerous to all sorts of people.  What remains to be seen is if he ends up having any sense of morals or if he is one of those people with a monofocus that can justify anything that furthers that end.

The lantern balloons at the end was nifty.  The group did need the release.  They have all lost so many people and never really had the opportunity to grieve properly, because every time they start to grieve, something else happens.  And Damon leaving was totally expected.  He is never much to express his feelings, but I liked that he went to Alaric's tomb.  Seeing Matt Davis was a very nice touch.

Next week, the hunter starts hunting....

Until then...