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Friday, October 26, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.03- The Rager

No question about it, we are now solidly back in the swing of things.  After a couple of slower episodes where Elena was transitioning and learning how to be a vampire, this week we got smacked with a ton of information and a new character.  We had questions answered and new ones raised.  So, here we go...

Let's start with Connor.  Turns out that the tattoo that only Jeremy can see is a hunter's tattoo and can only be seen by another hunter or potential hunter.  We also discovered that; according to Klaus; Connor is one of the Five.  Putting these two pieces of information together along with the fact that Alaric seemed not to have a tattoo, we can come to one of two conclusions.  Either the tattoo is related to Connor being one of the Five (more about this in a bit) or the tattoo is only given to hunters under certain circumstances.  Maybe you have to be raised as a hunter to get one.

About the Five, they are obviously very important.  Important enough that Klaus went through the trouble of saving both Elena (who had drunk werewolf venom) and Connor.  In fact, he told Connor that he was "the best protected vampire hunter in Mystic Falls."  Now, I've seen speculation that maybe the Five are a key to turning Elena human again and therefore giving Klaus more hybrids.  That is a strong possibility.  I also wonder if the Five are five over all of history or if they number 5 at any given point in time and replace their losses through training, like what Connor is doing to Jeremy.  The last question is why Connor (seemingly) does not know that he is one of the Five or what the Five is.

Elena was definitely on a knife's edge this episode.  Rebekah was being a super-queen bitch to Elena.  She taunted her about killing Alaric, took her ring and threw it down a disposal, sent a friend in for Elena to feed off of, wiped blood on Elena's face, and threw a pencil through Elena's left shoulder.  Anyone else want to kill her?  I sympathized with Elena big time, but I am glad that Stefan got through to her.  Killing Rebekah would mean killing her entire line, so you have to ask if the cost is worth it.  And then there was Matt.  It is nice that he is willing to let Elena feed on him, but at the end it nearly killed him.  Good thing Damon came by, because if Elena had fed much longer, Matt would have died.  Elena needs help desperately and Stefan is not the best equipped to give it to her.  He is an addict and she needs fresh blood.  Not the best combination.

I am not quite sure what to make of Hayley.  Given the interview Phoebe gave the other day, I do not think she is actual romantic competition, but she will be competing with Caroline for Tyler's attention.  Add to that the fact that Klaus will use her presence to try and driv3e a wedge between Caroline and Tyler, and you have a recipe for no good.

I loved the banter between Klaus and Damon when they had Connor trapped (ok, skewered) in the hospital.  That was just fun.  And what did Meredith think Damon was going to do?  Let a hunter off with a stern warning?  She cannot be that naive.  If she is, she deserves whatever she gets.  I was glad that she told Damon off, as that is quite probably the thing that saved Matt's life.

Until next week!