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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Review Of Arrow 1.05- Damaged

The ramifications of last weeks arrest arrive, Oliver reveals a plan, Moira and Walter have a talk, Moira threatens the Well Dressed Man, and Laurel has a couple of revelations....
According to Oliver, he planned the arrest to happen. He knew that the camera would see him and he knew that people would put together the fact that he arrived shortly before the Arrow did and realize that they were the same. So, he decided to use the arrest to throw suspicion somewhere else. So, he threw a party while Diggle put in an appearance as the Arrow elsewhere, thereby proving that Oliver is not the Arrow. Nice plan, I have to admit. Between this and passing the polygraph, Oliver has definitely thrown most people off of his trail. Unfortunately for him, Oliver lied on one question during the polygraph and Laurel knew it, so she is obviously a little suspicious, particularly after hearing about his being tortured.
I was impressed with Diggle. While I think he is at least partially wrong about Oliver not considering others, he does have something of a point. Oliver is obsessed with his task, and while I do believe that he is thinking of his family, I also think that he is not considering the full effects of everything. Either that or he doesn't care because the mission is more important. I liked watching Diggle lay down the law of truthfulness with Oliver. Not many people do that, but Diggle is right, he *NEEDS* to know everything in order to help Oliver. And his fighting abilities are; not surprisingly; impressive.
I almost feel sorry for Detective Lance. I know that he is still pissed about his daughter's death, but the evidence against Oliver was sort of skimpy. If you are going to take on someone like Oliver Queen, you need to have a pretty ironclad case. Was Lance right? Yes, however he is letting his feelings for the family interfere with his reasoning. I suspect that with someone else in a similar position to Oliver, Lance would have been more cautious.
Walter is definitely in over his head with the Queen's Gambit. I get that he wants the truth, but what he doesn't seem to realize is the extent to which his wife is involved in what is going on. If Walter (or any outsider) were to examine the wreck, they would realize that it was sunk, which is not a good thing for Moira or the Well Dressed Man. And watching Moira threaten the Well Dressed Man after he sent someone to kill Oliver was interesting. I do not think she is (precisely) in league with the WDM or his group, even if she does know about the activities. I could be wrong there though.
I wonder what Laurel is going to do with the revelations she received tonight. Between the revelation of Oliver's torture and her knowledge of his lie on the polygraph, she knows that something is not quite kosher. That being said, I don't expect her to turn on Oliver. Investigate, yes. Turn on, no. Well, not unless something major happens and she receives some sort of new information that is very damaging to him.
Until next week!