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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Review of Arrow 1.06- Legacies

Departure from our rich enemy of the week format which has Diggle stepping up. We also learn something about Thea and Tommy.

Well, Thea has a crush on Tommy. So much so that she thought he was asking about her when he was actually asking for advice about Laurel. Ow. But seriously, why did she think he was talking about her? She is his best friends' younger sister, not exactly romance material. Although why he went to her for advice in the first place is beyond me. It was good advice, but I still don't get why he went to her. Hopefully this won't go much further, because that would be a weird coupling, IMNSHO.

Appreciated what Diggle did. Oliver is *SO* focused on that list his father left him, that he is ignoring everything else, so Diggle is forcing him to step up and do the right thing. Oliver is right, he cannot stop everything. However, if he can stop things, he should try. Like tonight, it is not always going to work out, but he has to at least try. In Smallville (ironically), Oliver Queen served the same purpose where Clark Kent was concernedm i.e. trying to get him to see beyond the borders of his own town. Like it.

And that net arrow was pretty nifty. I like the trick arrows, although I would love to see where he gets them at some point. It was also nice to see Oliver reconnect with Moira. While I am wary of her, she does love him and will protect him (at least to a certain extent). It was nice to see her somewhat vulnerable and also talking with Oliver about what she is looking for from him.

And what was up with Laurel? She was so upset about the funding being lost and then she gets sort of bitchy with Tommy when he offers to throw a fundraiser. Granted, it was an obvious move to get back in her good graces, but I would think that she could have accepted the help gracefully and made sure he knew the limits/rules.

That dad should have accepted Oliver's help. I get why he was mad at Oliver and his father, but the guy knew he was doing wrong and chose to continue doing it anyway. Not a good thing. I am sorry he died, but he was given a chance by Oliver and he blew it.

I also found how Oliver discovered the list of names to be interesting. And it was at a moment when he needed it too. He needed a reason to keep going, and the list gave it to him.

Until next week!