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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Review of Arrow 1.07- Muse of Fire

Oliver gets a partner/sidekick/romantic interest (or something like that), we find out the identity of the well-dressed man, and Tommy gets some unwelcome news....

So, the well-dressed man who has been visiting Moira is in fact Tommy's dad, which we find out when Tommy goes to see him to demand to know why his bank accounts are empty, credit cards cancelled, and trust fund drained. And the worst part? Tommy found out about this while on a date with Laurel. Oh so embarassing. I can get that his dad wants him to do something, but to totally cut him off seems a little extreme. But that's just me and what do I know?

Not entirely sure what Helena is supposed to be. Partner? Sidekick? Or love interest? Possibly an erstwhile ally? So far, not really feeling the love interest part, but if they are going for the erstwhile ally part, then the rush job on romance is understandable. And sweetie, you are very different from Arrow. You are out to kill and get revenge whereas the Arrow will kill if needed, but will be satisified if he can simply get justice. Big difference. The desire for revenge is completely understandable, but the metheods totally set you apart from him.
I was impressed that Oliver was almost able to catch her when she was on the motorcycle. That was completely impressive. I also appreciate Diggle's concern for Oliver, but I think he was being a little too uptight about Oliver working with her. Oliver could tell that she was someone who was as driven as he is. Granted there was also the romantic angle, but I do think that he can work with her if she is willing to rein herself in slightly. Somehow though I suspect that she will get out of hand and he'll have to rein her in himself.
She also has a problem with collateral damage. Don't think Oliver has ever harmed someone who was not either on the list or protecting a person on the list. Again, a very big and important difference. Whereas Helena brought harm to Moira who was not her target. Wonder if she really cares or not.
It was nice to see that Thea and Oliver are coming closer. She is really starting to accept the new Oliver and he seems to be taking her advice about finding someone to confide in seriously. Diggle will work for some things, but I don't see Oliver pouring his heart out to him. Laurel would be good for the whole heart-pouring thing, but I think she'd realize that he's not telling her everything and that would ruin things. Maybe Helena is going to be the confidant.
Until next week!