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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.04- The Five

Well, not happy with Elena right now, struggling with whether or not to be happy with Klaus, and agreeing with Damon.  Oh, and we learn about The Five. 

Ok, so let's start with The Five.  They are a group of witch-enhanced vampire hunters who originated in the 1100s after the Originals (especially Klaus and Kol) became a bit too public.  They were given maps and access to a cure for vampirism.  Only thing is that when they daggered the Originals, they didn't know that the dagger would not work on Klaus, so he killed them all and lost access to the cure.  So, now we have Connor who is a member of the Five.  So, here what I think happened.  When a member of The Five dies, their magic is passed onto a potential hunter (i.e. someone who can see the tattoo) that they have met.  After the initial Five were killed, their magic passed on to other people who presumably knew enough to stay out of sight or at least away from the Originals.

Now, Damon did ask an interesting question: how can Jeremy see the tattoo?  Connor thought it was because he is a potential hunter, which is still possible.  But, given Jeremy's sympathies for certain vampires, is it possible that he can see it as a result of the ring or dying and being brought back (as I originally speculated)?  We do know that Alaric had planned on training him as a hunter, so that is not out of the realm of possibility. 

Speaking of Damon, I am going to have to agree with him as far as Elena is concerned.  Elena does need to feed directly from the vein, so she will need to learn how to feed without killing.  Damon can teach her that and Stefan cannot.  Could Caroline?  Sure, but I do think Damon is better.  I was very annoyed at the way Elena yelled at Damon last night.  She willingly went into the frat party and drank from people.  Was she enjoying it a bit too much?  Maybe, but if it is a choice between enjoying it too much or becoming a Ripper-like creature, I would take the enjoying it too much.

When Klaus daggered Rebekah, I had to cheer.  Rebekah really gets on my nerves, so I was happy to see her out.  But, I cannot say I was happy that Stefan participated in the daggering or that he is hiding things from Elena.  I think he is doing so partially because Klaus said to and partially because he doesn't want to get her hopes up.  Regardless, seeing him and Klaus being all buddy-buddy is not a good thing.

And then there is the professor.  He sent Connor to Mystic Falls and knows about witch craft.  I am going to be very worried.  Is he the evil that is coming?  Or is there something worse?

Until next week!