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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.05- The Killer

And there were a couple of killers tonight.  There were also secrets being kept, plots being made, misunderstandings, and then a surprise at the end....
This was not a good day for Elena.  First, she is trying to deal with what happened last week.  Then, Jeremy and Matt are kidnapped by Connor.  Finally, she kills Connor and then starts seeing things.  So not a good week.  All in all, can't blame her for killing Connor.  She didn't know Klaus wanted him alive because Klaus insisted that no one know about the cure.  Given that everything is amplified, she is having a lot of trouble dealing with killing Connor.  She is so on edge already that this is just that extra little shove that sent her over that edge.  And now Jeremy is a hunter.  This is not going to be a good thing, particularly seeing as she doesn't want him involved in this life at all.
Poor Stefan.  He is caught between lying to everyone because of Klaus and trying to keep Connor alive for Klaus.  Not a good place for him.  Not fond of the fact that he vervained Damon, but it was understandable.  He was trying to control the situation so that no one got hurt.  Unfortunately, Connor got killed, so that didn't work out.  Wonder how Klaus will react.  His anger might be mitigated by the fact that Jeremy is now one of the Five.
Tyler is also caught in a bad spot.  He wants to help Hayley free other Hybrids from Klaus' control, but he knows that if Klaus finds out about, there will be death.  So, he was forced to let Klaus (and by extension Caroline) think that he was cheating on Caroline with Hayley.  Now that Caroline knows all about it, I hope she can help Tyler freeing other Hybrids from the siring.  This will be bad if/when Klaus finds out about it.
Not sure how to react to Connor.  He is very unsympathetic because he is trying to kill the gang, however it does seem like he is either being manipulated by outside forces.  First, there is the professor who is using him to kill vampires.  Then there is his friend that he killed when she was turned.  Also, there seemed to be times when he seemed so monofocused as to be almost obsessed to a degree that implied that there might be an outside force at work.

Glad that Damon learned the truth and talked with Stefan.  Maybe now the two of them can work together for Elena's sake.

Until next week!