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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.06- We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Elena suffers the consequences of killing Connor, as does everyone else....
The entire episode dealt with the fallout of Elena's killing of Connor. And the fallout hit everyone...
Turns out that when the object of a hunt kills the hunter, the object of the hunt is haunted by the hunter until the object either kills itself or a new hunter is activated by killing vampire. Klaus managed to last for 53 years and 4(?) months until the ghosts haunting him went away. He never figured out why (apparently) but he is determined to help Elena since she is his last shot to make more hybrids.
Jeremy is now a full-fledged vampire hunter. Since he was a potential hunter, all he had to do was kill a vampire to be activated. So, Klaus sacrificed one of his hybrids to activate Jeremy and thereby save Elena. Somehow, I don't think she'll be happy about this, particularly since she has been trying to get him away from all of this for a long time. Now she can't because he is needed to find the cure for her. Oh well, sucks to be her. But this is the consequence of her actions, however necessary or justified they may have been.
Stefan and Elena are through. After everything, she realizes that her feelings for Damon are very strong and are amplified because she is a vampire now. Also, she doesn't want Stefan to see her in a certain light, whereas she doesn't seem to mind Damon seeing her the same way. So, she and Stefan have split. Wonder if this time will stick. And, will Damon step in to take Stefan's place or will Elena remain single for a little while.
Bonnie is getting closer to the professor, which cannot be a good thing. And now that Jeremy is a hunter, he will probably get closer to him too, which is also not a good thing. Unfortunately, they think they need him (and they actually might), so the closeness will continue.
And poor Hayley, Caroline, and Tyler. They promised that hybrid that they would protect him, only to have Jeremy kill him right in fron of them to save Elena. That had to seriously suck. Not sure what else to say about that...
Until next week!