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Friday, November 30, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.07- My Brother's Keeper

We get an explanation for Elena's recent behavior, Jeremy gets more involved in being a hunter, Hayley has a secret, Professor Shane reveals a secret to Damon, and Caroline and Klaus get closer.

Well, apparently Elena is sired to Damon.  Which actually makes a lot of sense.  After talking with Klaus, Caroline realized that when Damon said to do something, Elena would do it.  When he said she could only drink from a live human's vein, that was all she could stomach.  When he likes something and says so, she likes the same thing.  Basically, if he says something, she agrees with him.  So the question is, how can a vampire break a sire bond?  This should be interesting. 

I noticed that a lot of Delena fans online hate the sire bond because they see it as a cop-out.  People, Elena chose Stefan at the end of last season.  She admitted that she has feelings for Damon, but that she wanted Stefan more.  It's pretty much over.  Her sudden preference for Damon which was inexplicable is now understandable.  As everyone has been noticing, she has not been the same person since she changed and (as Caroline noted) being a vampire only enhances traits, it does not invent new ones.  So logically, Elena's feelings for Stefan should have been magnified along with her feelings for Damon.  However, they were not and therefore we can conclude that this sudden intense attraction to and preference for Damon is not a natural extension of her personality. 

Please note that I am not saying that she does not love Damon.  She rather obviously does.  It is equally obvious that she loves Stefan.  But as a human, she made a choice and that was Stefan.  Could she change her mind?  Sure, it is always possible to change your mind, however, to have such a major decision so quickly and decisively changed reeks of outside interference.

Jeremy is becoming more dangerous.  Stefan created a vampire for Jeremy to kill, not knowing that the more vampires Jeremy killed, the more he would want to kill.  This lack of knowledge got Stefan and Elena injured by Jeremy and also caused Elena to move out of her house to keep her safe from Jeremy.  Fortunately, Matt agreed to move in with Jeremy to see what he could do to keep his hunter side under control.  This could be very bad for Jeremy.

Not surprisingly, the professor has an ulterior motive for wanting Bonnie to practice magic again.  Apparently, only a Bennett witch can open the location where the cure for vampirism is which makes her practicing magic again of the utmost importance.  Was he lying?  Possibly, but I would believe him if only because the Bennett witches have been up to their eyeballs in vampiric activity since the beginning of vampires.

Hayley is also working with the professor.  I am not sure why she is, but she is.  And he wants as many hybrids as possible unsired from Klaus.  Again, not sure why, but there it is.  Presumably he thinks that Klaus will be weaker without the hybrids, but I could very easily be wrong.

Not sure how I feel about Caroline and Klaus getting closer.  I get that it was necessary to maintain the cover that Tyler and Hayley have been using, but it cannot be that good of a thing.  I am waiting for it to come back and bite the group in their collective asses. 

Until next week!