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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Review of Arrow 1.08- Vendetta

Oliver tries to get through to Helena, Walter continues to investigate Moira, Diggle is worried about Helena, and Tommy comes to a decision....

Wow, I cannot believe how big of a bitch Helena was.  Oliver was offering to help her, work with her, and help her get justice rather than revenge and she turns on him for the flimsiest of reasons.  I mean, she was the one who invited Laurel and Tommy to join her and Oliver at dinner.  Both Tommy and Oliver objected to it, but the girls insisted, so the guys decided to let it go.  Then Helena gets all mad and acts as if Oliver was the one who invited Laurel to join in the first place after she figures out who Laurel is?  Talk about unbalanced!  I mean, I get that she is upset about her fiancee's murder, but wow.  This girl is in need of serious therapy.

Honestly, I can't blame Oliver for wanting to help Helena.  Let's face it, both of them lost someone close to them through an event that was their fathers' fault.  Oliver decided to go more on the justice side of revenge and take down people for the common good, whereas Helena went the revenge route and killed people to get back at her dad.  Is either one perfect?  No, but Oliver's route is a lot better.  And if Helena were rational, she would see that.  However, she is not, so she doesn't.

I also cannot blame Diggle for being wary of Helena.  He saw that she was unbalanced and knew that Oliver and his white knight syndrome would not fare well with her.  He was a little harsh with Oliver, but fortunately he didn't go the whole "Told you!" route in the end.  Appreciated that

I do want to say that I wanted to like the relationship between Oliver and Helena, but it moved through the various stages so quickly that I never had a chance to.  While I am not saying that they should have dragged the relationship out for a season or more, I do think it would have been a good idea to have let it develop a little slower.

Was proud of Tommy for going to Oliver for help.  That could not have been good for the ego.  And thankfully, Oliver understood where Tommy was coming from and gave him a face-saving way out.  That is a good friend.  Unfortunately, this may put Tommy closer to Oliver and what he is doing which could be a bad thing.  But, it will also give us more Oliver/Tommy time (hopefully), which will be fun.

Walter is still investigating Moira.  At first, he didn't want to and took off the head of that IT girl in what was; I thought; an incredibly unfair move.  Granted, he didn't say to continue the investigation, but he did ask her to start and never told her to stop, so the good detective just kept going.  And good thing she did, because she led Walter to another list of names.  Apparently, each member of the group got a list of names of people involved written in invisible ink.
And next week, the mid-season finale....