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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Review of Arrow 1.09- Year's End

For a "game-changing" midseason finale, it underdelivered. Don't get me wrong, I loved the episode, but I had read/heard that it was supposed to have a "WTF!?!?" moment or two and it didn't really. There were a couple of "Wow!" moments, but nothing more than that (for me anyways....).
Apparently Oliver has been working harder than ever now that Helena is gone. Guess he is throwing himself into work in order to get over her. Love that he wanted to celebrate the holidays with his family and that he totally took charge of everything. I get why his family stopped celebrating, but it was nice to see them do it again. And were he and Diggle practicing with actual knives? Wow. Potential for disaster there. Also, was I the only one who laughed when Oliver said that the name "Green Arrow" sounded silly? That was quite amusing.
Then there was the Dark Archer. First, loved that he and Oliver had a face-off. Having Tommy's dad revealed as the Dark Archer was a "Wow!" moment, but if it was supposed to be more, it really wasn't. I do wonder if he is as in charge as he seems to be or if his comment to Oliver should be taken at face value and there is someone over him. I am betting that there is no one over him, but I could very easily be wrong. And why are they looking to kill thousands of people? That cannot be a good thing at all.
And Moira has been so unsuccessful in controlling her husband that Tommy's dad has taken him and is holding him until the plan can come to fruition. I so want to know all about this plan. It has been years in the making and has caused several deaths already as well as kidnappings and people's lives being ruined. Call me intensely curious.
Going back and forth about Thea. While I get that she is a rebellious teenager who has apparently not had the best raising, she can be awfully bratty. Granted, Oliver hasn't been the best brother, but it sometimes seems like she doesn't try. I also have to go off on the writers' for a second (which I rarely do). The continuity regarding Oliver and his family has been awful. It seems like they keep getting better over the course of an episode only for it to inexplicably be forgotten or fall back by the next episode. Either have Oliver make things better with his family or not, don't keep hitting the freaking reset button. That is the one thing about this series that is *SERIOUSLY* getting on my nerves.
Not alot of Tommy and Laurel, but that was fine. What little they got was good. Love the three of them at the party and he conversation. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to stop being weird anytime soon. There is entirely too much history there for things to go back to normal quickly. But they are headed in the right direction, so kudos.
Watching the Arrow work with Laurel's dad was amusing. Glad that Detective Lance unbent enough to accept help. I get that the Commissioner needed to do something to appear to be effective, trying to pin the murders on the wrong guy was not good. But, whatever.
See ya when we come back in January!