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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Review of Gossip Girl Series Finale- New York, I Love You XOXO

Gossip Girl's identity is revealed, the fallout from last week continues, and we get a look at the future of the gang....

Ok, I just have to say that as series finales go, that was a bit underwhelming, but then again most finales' are unable to live up to the hype/expectations. Overall though, I liked the finale. Gossip Girl was one of the first shows I watched from the beginning until the end, so it will hold a special place in my heart for it. The show was always a bit of a mess, but that is part of the reason I loved it.

Ok, raise your hand if the reveal of Dan as Gossip Girl was totally not a surprise. Yeah, that's what I thought. He was on my top two most likely to be Gossip Girl, and to be honest, I have been pretty sure since last week that he was Gossip Girl. Only Georgina made more sense, but she was so obvious that I pretty much discounted her. Honestly, before this season, I never thought about who Gossip Girl was because it was more fun not to guess about it. So I don't know if there were a lot of inconsistencies. At some point, I plan on going back over all of the episodes with the identity of GG in mind and seeing if there is anything weird.

What I don't get is the ease with which Dan was forgiven. I will grant that he did nothing worse to the gang then they did to themselves, he just did it for the whole world; rather than just their world; to see. The whole thing also seems to be tinged with a certain amount of respect for the way in which Dan; as the quintessential outsider; managed to become the ultimate insider in the UES. But still, the whole gang (especially Serena) did seem really, really easy on him.

I do have to admire the fact that Dan was able to pull it off. I think everyone else so discounted him that they never considered looking at him as GG. He was the White Knight to Serena, the Powerless Nobody to Blair, an annoyance to Chuck, and a friend to Nate. What was even more fun was when he revealed that Jenny knew about it and helped him to pull it off.

I did adore the reactions of people finding out who Gossip Girl was. Between Dorota asking Jack to make her a drink, Mayor Bloomberg, the actress (who was that anyway?), Juliet, Vanessa, the model, and then the coup de grace. Kristen Bell appeared as herself helping Rachel Bilson (as herself) to prepare for a GG movie. That was a total riot. Just loved it!

Blair and Chuck were sort of adorable. Did they marry for the right reason? No, but they were going to anyway, so the spousal privilege was just icing on the cake. And getting the whole gang involved was just fun. Loved that this is the first time Jack and Georgina met and that they apparently hit it off very quickly because they're still involved 5 years later. Disappointed that Lily is with William, but after reading what Stephanie Savage said, I get it. Lily and Rufus wouldn't have worked out, so at least they can be friends. And now Dan and Serena are getting married.

It's been a trippy 6 years. Loads of fun, ups and downs, and good soapiness. Thanks for the ride Gossip Girl.