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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Review of The Vampire Diaries 4.08- We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

Tyler takes steps to bring the pack to heel, Damon and Stefan look for something, Elena finds out the truth, and we find out why Shane wants Bonnie.....

Well, we now know for sure that Elena is sired to Damon.  The one thing I don't understand is why everyone seemed to be so surprised that Elena had true feelings for Damon when she was human.  She has spent the last year or so proving that and at the end of last season, she had to make a decision between the brothers.  So, the news that she loved Damon when she was human and it carried over should not have been a surprise.  Yet, it seemed that it was to a lot of people.  Anyway, turns out that the only way to break a vampire sire-bond is for the maker to tell the sired to leave them forever and be happy.  Should Damon do it or not?  Both he and Stefan seem to think that he should, but I am honestly not so sure.  It sounds to me like the sire-bond stays in place, it just ensures that the sired vampire stays away from their maker.  But, I could be wrong.  I would say to let Elena choose, but unfortunately at this point, she cannot freely choose.  The sire-bond is going to ensure that she chooses Damon.  If/when she becomes human again, then she will (hopefully) be able to choose between them.

Turns out that Damon thought that there was a magical solution to the sire-bond.  So, in the 40s (forgot the exact year) when he had made a vampire who sired to him, he killed 12 people because a witch told him she could use it to break the sire-bond.  Turns out that killing those 12 people was meant to allow her to access some very, very dark magic and this is what Shane is after, because he had Hayley break the sire-bonds on 12 hybrids.  I am willing to bet that the purpose of the spell he is looking for is either to kill Klaus or make him human.  Either way, it cannot be good.

Tyler had a pack problem.  Turns out that they went all "We want free will!" on him and he was challenged for authority within the pack.  While they were right that he is out to restore their free will by breaking the sire-bonds, they didn't get that in order to have free will, they had to break the sire-bonds.  So, he had to give them only one choice now to restore more choices later.  I did love the way he put his hand around that girl's heart because she so deserved it.  He is now undisputed Alpha of the freed hybrids.  Just wonder how long the pack will last.

And we also got even more evidence that Damon is not a bad a guy as he pretends to be.  Turns out that he wanted to go into war with Stefan, but Lexi talked him out of it at the last minute because Stefan was trying to make up for his Ripper days.  Can't say I was fond of what she did, but I can understand why.  It made sense to keep Damon away since he does tend to lead chaos around.

Next week, mid-season finale....