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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Review of Vampire Diaries 4.09- O Come, All Ye Faithful

Well, that was a quickly aborted revolution.  In an hour that saw a death, a betrayal, a fleeing, and a broken bond or two....

So, how exactly did Klaus find out about the revolt?  Was he told by Hayley?  Did he figure it out on his own?  Or did someone else tell him?  Whichever way it was, the ending was particularly disturbing.  Not so much because of the deaths themselves as much as it was because of the fact that "O Holy Night" was playing during the slaughter.  The juxtaposition was almost too much for me, particularly since "O Holy Night" is hands-down my favorite Christmas song.

I did find Klaus' conversations with Stefan interesting.  I know that Klaus sees in Stefan someone akin to himself, if only Stefan doesn't suppress it and that came through loud and clear in this episode.  If Klaus figures out that Stefan knew about what happened, things will not be pretty.  And if he figures out that Caroline knew, that will be even less pretty.  Wanna know something else even less pretty?  Rebekah coming back after Klaus had her daggered.

I have to side with what Damon did.  He took the time to think through what was going on and didn't make an immediate leap that could have gotten him in trouble or taken advantage of his bond with Elena.  Unfortunately, until she is human again, she doesn't have freedom where Damon is concerned, so no matter what he does, she'll be under some level of his control.  But, for now, he has given her the freedom to do what she wants in Mystic Falls while he helps Jeremy.  Best solution?  No, but it is a workable one.

And Stefan, dude, why are you so shocked that Damon and Elena slept together?  Now, not sure if Caroline knew about it, but Damon slept with her *before* he knew about the sire bond.  Afterwards, Damon did the right thing and kept their clothes on, for which he gets major kudos because that could not have been easy.  Now, should Damon have told Stefan what was going on?  Probably, but not doing so was not a horrible idea.  As I said before, it gave Damon time to think and plan before taking any action.

I am torn about Tyler's plan.  Not happy that his mom died, but I do think keeping Klaus alive is a good thing, if only because he may very well be the start of the vampire line in Mystic Falls.  Also, he's an awesome villain.  And his sense of revenge was pretty cool, if completely gruesome.  Like I said, not happy with his killing Mayor Lockwood, but the unfortunate side effect of a failed revolution is often the death of the plotters' families.

Watching Jeremy be "deprogrammed" was pretty cool, as was the sight of Jeremy in a wife-beater.  I must join the chorus of people insisting that he wear no tops but wife-beaters after this.  Damn, that is a fine looking young man.  I should not be surprised that Bonnie would act as his anchor to reality, but I sort of was.  I also have to wonder if what he said about Elena is truly how he feels or the vampire hunter talking.  Either way, that had to be rough for Elena to hear.

Until we come back on the 17th!